Betrayed by trust

A poem about child sexual abuse

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Dirty Politics

Like goats being led to slaughter,By the very people who raised her.Politicians keep butchering their own ideology,Justifying everything by teleology. Horsetrading is just a part of the game,Pandits, media houses ‘praise’ the same. Dirty politics is no more a surprise,they do it all right before our eyes. And what we do?Label them as modern-day Chanakya,Give […]

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Inner Demons

Sinking into the depths. Feeling that weight of guilt dragging me again. Hearing whispers in the darkness, Sweet lies And the truth that causes pain. These voices are of the demons inside me. Demons who holding me tight, Making me suffocate. I tried a lot to kill them, But seems like they are an integral […]

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Monochromatic Patriotism

Carrying the divine glory, Legacy of the greatest of the great, An epic story, With a billion characters, Shaping Vishwaguru’s fate. There lay the legendary artists, saints, and kings, On this soil of Hindustan It’s time for our generation to expand our wings, Fly to new heights, creating a new history, Our new dastaan. But […]

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One Night Stand

I have moved on; At least that’s what I kept telling myself, But have my mind ever accepted what I say? So, I decided to try a dating app, Thinking, maybe this a great way, Not just to confirm the closure, And to reassure myself, But to tell everyone else that I’m not someone who […]

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False Consciousness

What if I tell you that you are nothing but a cash cow? They are making you chase the money, For which you become their corporate slave! Then the system steal all that wealth you gain, By creating delusional reality, Spreading lies that are now so engraved in your brain. Look around, what you see? […]

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First of all, I would like to say sorry to those of you who were waiting for the next part of The Captive of True Love. I am still working it. Anyway, yesterday, Anshika sent me her new poem and I wrote something in response and accidentally we did a new collaboration, here it is. […]

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The Captive of True Love: 6

This is the sixth part of ‘The Captive of True Love’. So, if you are new here. Please first read the previous chapters here. Curiosity It was mental torture to know that there is a secret list of desire that I should have known today but now know nothing about it. I don’t know what […]

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The Captive of True Love: 5

This is the fifth part of ‘The Captive of True Love’. So, if you are new here. Please first read the previous chapters here. Sunday Off We haven’t had any vacation from the tuition yet. Not even once. But see the misfortune, that first vacation was on the very next day. A day before the […]

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