Message For “GIRLS”

Dear girls,

Sorry for the jerks.
The whistlers.
The cat-callers.
The blank-callers.
The won’t-stop-starers.
The “frandship” stalkers.
The “accidental” brushers.
The glass-ceiling makers.

Please don’t let them
ruin it for the rest of us.

Happy Women’s Day…. !!

– The Feminist Mahesh



16 thoughts on “Message For “GIRLS”

  1. Thanks a lot everyone for sharing your views here … and one thing I would like to say is that
    “There are also many real gentlemen out there , So please don’t see everyone through the same angle” 😊 🙏


  2. yup !! i really wanna shout to all the ladies out here n in the whole world – “please DONT make a conclusion that ALL MEN ARE SAME” just cuz of some a**holes who’ve ruined some beautiful women’s lives , dont consider every man to be a jerk !! there are many gentlemen out there ready to uplift u 😀


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