Thoughts About Our Educational System


You know what everyone calls to the highest scoring students?


We know,
If A=B & B=C then A=C

If we say ‘Me = Scholar’ & ‘Scholar = Marks’
Then it means
‘Me = Marks’

When we start valuing ourselves with marks, Then some fewer marks makes us feel useless. , But unfortunately, this equation is imprinted everyone’s mind nowadays.

If you ask any parents, what you want your child to become in future?
the typical answer we will get that, “He/She should become a good citizen, a good human being”

Similarly, medical students will say that they want to be a good doctor. But in contrast to this, I recently read a news that one medical student committed suicide, just because he hasn’t got any rank as he always used to get.

Even that student might have wanted to be a good doctor…
But did he become one?

We become…
Good Citizen,
Good Human being,
Good Doctor,
Good Engineer,
Good Businessman,
When we do something, Marks doesn’t make us one.

Many students have skills,
But the schools don’t focus on that, Many schools just pretend to give importance to other activities

How just 2 days for sports competition & a week for cultural activities are going to value student’s skill?

In ‘Three Idiots’ movie, Raju – a boy who had been valuing himself with marks, afraid of damaging ‘Clever’ image…
Says in his interview
‘जिंदगी में कुछ तो ठीकठाक कर ही लूंगा’…


That’s the attitude every student should carry…

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42 thoughts on “Thoughts About Our Educational System

  1. As a scholar and a teacher.. I teach Mathematics and Chemistry I know what students go through to get those marks. Its true we have put more emphasis on Marks than the all round being of the student. Nice article and well written.

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  2. I feel that in today’s society, at least here in the U. S., too much emphasis is put on how many students a teacher can have pass on to the next level rather than making sure that those students actually received solid, quality education. There is nothing is standard or uniform about the way people think and learn. I never understood the use of standardized tests to measure one’s ability to grasp a concept and learn. Interesting post!

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  3. Our educational system needs to be reformed, as now it’s all about the grades and passing tests/ exams and not about actually gaining knowledge you need. By the way, what does ‘जिंदगी में कुछ तो ठीकठाक कर ही लूंगा’ mean? 🙂

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  4. I got glued on the picture.

    Education system in America need a some reforms. It seems like to be good at school means following a certain way, which really doesn’t work at times because people have different skills and knowledge.

    Mind if I use your picture for one of my posts? I rally like it.

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  5. This post is true….after hectic work for months at last my project started to work….my parents were continuously remarking” concentrating on project dont lose your marks”….but no one appreciated me for my project no value for my happiness,,,,.and the day when it was completed there was quite a quarrel….on my lack of concentration on studies….what can I do more than being the topper all along???
    this is the mindset created in people by marks….
    this is kind of pressure these stupid things called marks pour on us……I kinda felt like throwing everything away and run off somewhere …
    If this is my condition think of my friends with arrears???There are several boys whom I know has immense talent but marks consider them worthless.

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    1. Yehh I can understand what it feels like when your parents and even the teachers tell us to focus on just marks , whenever we try to do something apart from the academics 😐
      Btw, Thank for stopping by to read this article 😊

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  6. I think that in the west the school has changed and it focuses on the skills of the students rather than on getting high marks on subjects the student might not be interested in. I think this is a good way of developing the skills and letting the student try different subjects until they find what they really want to do and study. Which is great.

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  7. What an amazing post. I could not agree more, schools need to see students as individuals, because some students tend to get high grades it does not make them more intelligent. Skills are also important as knowledge in mathematics. Gardner introduced 7 types of intelligence, you should check him out is very thought provoking theory.

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  8. Sadly this is the case in so many countries. In some Scandanavian countries their education system is based on continuous assessment with a very practical emphasis. A very successful system. Hopefully we can start to see it all over the world…

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  9. I was/am a teacher and I have always hated giving marks. But what I did was to inform my students that the marks I had to give them, if negative, did NOT refer to them as a whole, to my opinion on them as human beings, but that they just meant they hadn’t done well in a particular test

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