Climbing the popularity ladder

Picture this. A sunny afternoon in the mall. A girl and her friends are hanging out, shopping and laughing. A crowd of envious girls and adoring boys all surround her and stare. She’s pretty, cool and most importantly, popular.

Same thing with situation in this picture  👇

How many of us have had this dream? How many of us want to be that girl? Well, why are you dreaming when you have the potential to be that girl? Popularity to parents is something useless, something that won’t matter a single bit in the future. But, to us it means a whole lot more.  Popularity isn’t all gossip and Mean Girls, however it may seem in the movies. It’s being nice without being boring, and having fun with friends while acing your tests. It’s a very fine balance. Today I’ll share with you some handy tips on becoming popular in the best possible way.

Have you notice that all popular girls share this quality, they’re all knockout gorgeous. Let me be honest, looks matter. Not to the extent that you might think. Just a little bit. Because you are more compelled to start a conversation with a neat looking person compared to a scruffy one, it’s human nature. Let me be honest again,you’re beautiful. And you have got what it takes to look good. I’m not talking plastic surgery and all, just a few tweaks and you’ll be looking and feeling great.

Body– A big part of being of being beautiful is having a beautiful body. Not only does it make you look attractive, it also prevents health oriented diseases like obesity, diabetes and heart conditions. Again, no plastic surgeries needed. Just hit the gym a few times a week and do 30 minutes or hard-core cardio. Great alternatives include biking, dancing and hula hooping.Face- Your face is an important part of your beauty too. Don’t mask it by caking on makeup. Let your natural beauty shine through. Take a look in the mirror. What is your best feature? Is it your expressive eyes? You cute earlobes? Your pouty lips? You should always aim to accentuate your best feature, instead of just covering your face with tonnes of makeup. For example, I slapped on some eyeliner on my eyes yesterday, and you won’t believe how many compliments it got me!Hair- Your hair is your crowning glory, so be sure to care for it. Shampoo and condition with a product that works best on your hair type regularly, but on the days you can, let it get greasy. Your hair needs it’s natural oils. Get a haircut that best flatters your face shape and get a trim every 6 months to avoid split ends. Always remember to use heat protection while styling!

Having a talent or hobby is a great way to meet people like you. You can have common ground to talk about if you share the same interests. Don’t have a particular hobby? It’s never too late to develop one! Why don’t you try guitar, keyboard, soccer, cheerleading or maybe basketball?
Once you’ve got a hobby, join some clubs and contests. You don’t have to win right off the bat, it’s a learning process. Start talking to the “coolkids“, make some friends, and just have fun! You might have reached a new level of popularity before you know it!

Now, you don’t have to go through a new boyfriend each week to be popular. Frankly, it’s just a slutty and stupid habit. Wait until you actually feel the attraction before roping him. What you can do though, is have guy friends. Talking to the opposite sex builds your confidence, and those boys are a straight line to popularity!

Lastly, remember not to be nervous when talking to the popular kids or just anyone. Be loud and clear! Make their heads turn when you walk into the room girls, and soon a you’ll be one of them! Just remember to avoid unnecessary drama because it does no good to anyone in the end. And always remember the popular girl dress code: Keep it classy, never trashy, and just a l’il bit nasty!

Have fun being popular !!!

(Though This post talk about being popular girl , I think many points are relatable for boys also)

Originally shared by The Teen Survival Guide


4 thoughts on “Climbing the popularity ladder

  1. I loved your post….mean girls stuff…yeah…but reality is a bit different…looks do matter true…but to be popular in my perspective or my experience guts is the most important thing…it is know it all …in a seminar or whatever it is be the first to answer….put ourselves above everyone….do well in studies…always on stage….always have friends in every department……always be in the good list….being sweet helps/….

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  2. Tell you something,
    Being popular is just complete stress. I know it, I’ve experienced it. Your own gender will be jealous of you….there’s no point….people will be fake around you….

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