Unsent Letter From The Secret Admirer

Dear Crush ,

I still remember your charcoal black eyes, that grace , that style; that million-dollars-smile.Your sweet innocent face that make me smile , those sugary sweet talk we had.

I wish you’d be mine. I thought of telling you that your beauty had bewitched me, I was falling deep in love with you by every passing day, But when I gathered my courage to confess my feeling for you , I realized that I was too late. You had already found your Prince charming , and that you loved him so much as Bella loves Edward and made me think I am Jacob of your story. I think it’s because you didn’t realize how deeply I was in love with you or perhaps you didn’t have a clue, that my love for you was true.

But now I have accepted this bitter-truth , every day I silently pray that God should never take your loved ones away, For in your joy lies mine. I know that you must’ve forgotten me by now , But I haven’t … even today, you are the only key to unlock my heart.

My eyes still search you in every girl I meet , And I think that’s why I am still single .. because it’s really hard to find someone that will make me forgot you ..

Your secret admirer,
who can never think of anyone else other than you…


28 thoughts on “Unsent Letter From The Secret Admirer

  1. I really liked this piece. I want to thank you, as a writer, for exposing such raw emotion–even if it was fictional. The piece waxes poetic. Have you ever tried changing a genre? Taking a poem and making it a fiction or memoir piece, or vise-Versa? This would make a great poem.

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