Sachin – A Man Every Cricketer Wants To Be

When you see a young 16 year old boy walking out to bat against one of the deadliest bowling attacks in the world cricket including the likes of Imran Khan, Waqar Younis and Wasim Akram you all but pray for him to survive. But this 16 year old was different, he was not the one who was overwhelmed by the opposition, he was the one who overwhelmed the opposition with his exquisite technique and his guts.In 1989 on November 15th a boy who went on to become a phenomenon, made his debut for India.

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, a Mumbai boy who stands just 1.65 meters tall having a dream of playing for India, ended up making us dream. His journey is fascinating, his humbleness is captivating, his greatness is absorbing and he himself is mind boggling.The master blaster is a nation’s hero, people look up to him as God and cricket as their religion. He brings the whole nation together; he made people forget their sorrows and gave them joy. He made people fall in love with this beautiful game of cricket. He made people realize that impossible is just another word in the dictionary. He showed us that dreams can come true.

I remember when I was 4 years old trying to understand the concept of  world, my dad introduced me to the game of cricket. He just gave me a bat and pointed to the TV set and asked me to play like the little man. Ever since I have tried to copy Sachin, from his body language to his batting style. It is not just me who has done this, it is every aspiring cricketer who tries to emulate Sachin.

Sachin is a dream which this whole nation has lived. We have cried with him, we have triumphed with him. We have criticized him at times, but we have never given up on him. We have dreamed the impossible with him and achieved it through him. While he carried us through our sorrows and our darker days, we made sure we did the same for him. We love him with all our heart and he has made sure he has paid us back.

The grandeur of this person is beyond us. There are no words to evoke this individual. The game of cricket has changed after the God hung up his boots. I cried a river when this man played for the last time and some part of me still cries when I see cricket without Sachin.

24th April, it was the world cricket day and Sachin Tendulkar’s birthday. I wish my inspiration a joyous happy birthday. You inspired me, you inspired many like me, we are what we are today because of you.

– A Cricketer.

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