Believe In YOU !

{ A Real Story }

A lower caste boy from Solapur .. who started drinking alcohol when he was just 13 .. then cannabis, got addicted with smoking &  watching porn movies.

When he was in 7th standard he started loving a girl from 6th standard .. .. he  was afraid at the thought of what will happen when she will find his rubbish lifestyle … he began to change

He  failed in 10th grade .. 

This time he began reading the books. 

Someone handed him ” Mitrunjay ” and come across information that village library have many such awesome books , He started visiting  the village library .. read most of books available  there … thoughts started to grow ..  he even started comparing himself with Demons from Ramayana , Mahabharata.

He started focusing on education once again .. tried to get recruited in Police ..  Ideological change started taking place  again .. He completed M.A in Marathi Literature … Gets  master degree of communication studies…

Starts writing poems … makes a short film .. Then direct a movie  .. And still making movies …

That person is a person who “received 61 th national awards or film Sairat &  Fandry’s director “Nagraj Manjule

To be successful , there’s not a rule that your childhood should be in specific way … Don’t predict your future based on your journey till now .. You still have chance to be changed .. to be a better person.

Just don’t stop believing in yourself


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