Should I count you in ? Yes YOU ! I’m talking to YOU

Hello Awesomengers ,

I have an idea ..  I would like to share that with you ,

Yesterday I was thinking about my friends who are good poets/writers but give up blogging or never started blogging … The reason was always “I Can’t post regularly”

So , an idea poped up in my mind .. that I should start E-Magazine ..
Where main authors ( we ) will write some posts series ..
( Yes , I want YOU to be part of it .. don’t worry , You’ll get full credit for your work 😇 )

And we will also publish poems/stories/posts written by our friends .. Sent by our audience .. amazing posts from bloggers we follow ..

Well .. this is still in concept stage now … I’m just trying to get some regular authors for now  …
Would like to be a part of this ?

We could add a little bit of news on some main topics, create small contests, puzzles and comics . ( One of my friend suggested this )

I am by no means a writer, but I hope this format of sharing will help me, you , us  and our friends in clearing mind of being unable to express what we feel , what we have to say. I hope that whoever reads this will finds something thought-provoking and interesting. I’m still figuring this all out, and I’m sure there will be improvement.

Whoever reads this, thank you. Thank you for being a part of this very strange and wonderful thing for me.

P.S. – If you love this idea and wanted to do it on own , do it .. I won’t mind .. But don’t forget to make me part of it .. Because I really want to do something like that 😇

P.P.S. ( if something like this exists )
I have short listed some titles for this .. that I’ll post later .. as this post is already have become too lengthy .

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