Is Love Is everything ?

I read this amazing story recently & I can’t resist myself from sharing it :


He was a poor guy with big dream , A dream to make his daughter a doctor.
His daughter was a cute princess & It was her high school result day, As he wished, his daughter was state topper .

Father – I am very happy dear , whatever you ask I will buy you today .
Daughter – Pa , I want that dress which I showed you that day but it was 2000rs So I didn’t ask you will you Plz buy that for me .
Father – Ok dear , but ( All his savings was not enough to buy that dress , he needed 300rs more ) Somehow he gifted her the dresses she asked for .

Mother – From where did you got this much money.
Father – My savings & I sold my blood for extra money. I don’t want my daughter to get disappointed.



It was her final year, It was the last step to become a doctor. But she needed 8,00,000 for her fees.

Somehow her father managed to pay the fees .

Mother – From where are you bringing this much money , did u robbed any bank .
Father – No the guy I sold my blood that day was a kidney failure patient , today I sold my kidney for him. I didn’t robbed any bank & don’t tell this to my daughter she will feel guilty .



It was the day all were waiting for , Her father expected her daughter to enter home as a doctor .
She came as a dead body . She killed herself because she was cheated by a guy she Loved .

Now tell me who’s actually dead .
Yes love is everything but if you lost it?just take a deep breath & think about your parents.

Your love might find another girl/boy ,
But your parents will never get their Prince/Princess

I know it’s quite dramatic , but the message in it is great !
I really believe that no reason is sufficient to quit this amazing life.

Remember It is just bad day/phase
Not bad life ! Registered & Protected  VF90-HQUW-JBD7-HLE1

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14 thoughts on “Is Love Is everything ?

  1. This is awesome! I will keep this quote in my heart and you have just made my day a lot brighter with it! I believe some days, I shall tell this to my friends who are feeling down at the moment! Keep up the good work! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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