Another Milestone In Blogging Journey 

Hello guys , 

I’m damn happy right now as my blog : Awesomengers have touched many milestones in past past few days …

  • Crossed 200 followers
  • Published 50th post 
  • 3400+ views 

    But still many followers don’t know why my blog’s title is ‘AWESOMENGERS’ ..

    { Because I have never mentioned the reason 😂😂 }

    The reason behind this is …. I run an organization called AWESOMENGERS ( Awesome + Engineers ) .. We work on some engineering things .. ( we might use them as last year projects 😂😂 ) , And most importantly we discuss , discuss and discuss about many business ideas 😉


    Do you have any other questions about this blog or about me ?? 

    Feel free to ask me anything 🙂


    33 thoughts on “Another Milestone In Blogging Journey 

    1. Hey!! Big congratulations on your achievement! ☺☺
      I wish that you always keep writing like this.
      Hehe, I like the current financial status wala photo! 😂😂😂
      Kabhi toh real gold me convert hoga vo! 😂

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