P.C.: Rajnikant Vs CID jokes 😝😝😝

We know there is a raging controversy going on over ‘Udta Punjab’ .. 
I’m not gonna take a dig at the ongoing tiff between censor board and that particular filmmaker/s  ..

But I think , Censorship is the thing that should be seriously discussed.

Well, let’s go through the definition first … it would be very clear that, censorship in case of films is the board for certification and  to classify films on the basis of age appropriate level.
So, my point here is, the sensor can very well warn us about the contents of any movie but has no right to mess around with somebody’s hard work.
I mean , we have freedom to choose a leader at 18 .. so why we cannot watch films according to our choice.
I know most of you must already have started calling things like “Censorship is mandatory to keep society away from disturbing visuals and stories” kinda stuff .

But you are forgetting that the so-called “bad things” shown in the movies are not alien, they exist in our own society.

And it is said that Great art is like mirror of society . Many bloggers will accept that we get ideas for writing from surrounding … 

But others just don’t accept the reality because we fear what others have to say, what society has to say. We are shy ..

Well there’s one big concern of many people .. children

Forget about cinema halls, we have something called the t.v and a more dangerous equipment the internet. Does anyone think that not taking children to cinema halls is going to prevent them from watching movies in the internet? If anyone does think like that I am so sorry to say think again !

In India , we have one more factor .. Political & Religious (unofficial) Censorship ..

 So , even if the movie made by hard work of many people to convey their thoughts , their views survives through censor board .. this so called socialist elements finds some so called controversial things in it ..like ‘This kiss lasts for 30 seconds. Why don’t we cut it down to 5 seconds?’… That does happen. I can’t even think about how absurd it is . 😂😂😂

Some fools don’t even need something like that to start a fight  … they can even protest to remove “Barbour” from “Billu Barbour” … that was hilarious , seriously .. I don’t why people made a issue of such things .

Actually I can write more about this topic , but I should stop now before you start finding some controversy in this 😂

I will end this saying :

CERTIFICATION IS MANDATORY I agree but cutting scenes IS JUST PURE Bulls#¿t

P.S. First Censored Issue of my magazine UnPlugged is published .. click on link below to read it 


Btw , I’m against Censorship doesn’t mean that I support abusive language , creepy so called hot scenes , etc. 😇

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11 thoughts on “Censorship

  1. Thankyou for improving my GK with this post! 😅
    I agree, afterall we cannot distance the kids from TV, it is more dangerous for them.

    And aisa hota hai kya, Cut the kiss scene to 5 seconds! And that Billu Barbour! Hehe, I didn’t know about most of the incidents, so it was funny too! 😂😂

    Well written Mr Motivational Mahesh! 😇😇

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s an insightful post. It is great to see people writing elaborately on sensitive topics. Congrats for initiating very creative e- magazine. It covers diverse topics holding the readers within the page and nowhere else.👍

    Liked by 2 people

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