Unsent Letter By The Secret Admirer – 2

Dear Crush ,

​I was in ur circle for not more than a year , that was the time I felt silently alive , hanging out wid u , those long chats , and non sensical laughs , I just kept looking at u , I still wonder whether u too felt the same for me ,,,, cuz both of us were paired n teased together by our friends n u too didn’t hesitate.   
I was too shy right from the beginning… And if I look back now i see what a silly jerk I’d been , we were on the crossroads of our lives , and left on our own paths… We cud be In touch wid each other , but I didn’t cuz I over thought everything n again I felt shy , I started feeling out of ur league… ,  I felt that u are happy in ur new life new friends so y should I disturb n annoy u … Also , u always said , not once but many times ,  that u wer busy – gtg – ttyl and that too followed wid a lovely emoji ..  I was confused ,I was lost in ur thoughts and it was ur sweet riddance from me … I always wanted to fill the gap that I saw long back , but don’t know whether It was u or just my pessimist self , It slowly put out the fire that tried to rise ! Well… that was the best year .. Young blood, all refreshed ,I  felt wen I was wid u ! Anxiously thrilled ! I feel that u were meant to be not more than a crush .

I’ve accepted it , though its too hard to swallow . Still I hav that fire in me which keeps me going and keep trying to jus hav a good convo wid u , … God ,am I doing too much for someone ! At least I’ll never regret that I didn’t try !  I must never overthink now and kill my introvert cocoon  cuz I feel sad now  , for the time that was golden , had just flown by …

Your not so secret admirer,

who can never think of anyone else other than you…

{ Written by my friend who wants to keep his identity anonymous }

P.S. He is more than just a secret admirer of her 😛

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25 thoughts on “Unsent Letter By The Secret Admirer – 2

  1. Aww!! This is just wow! I loved the way you described that golden time! It is like a fairy tale! 😍😍😍😍
    But, it’s okay! Things like that happen, who knows you might meet her the next day! 😇
    Loved this letter, it was full of emotions of a lover and admirer. Though, I doubt if it’s written by your FRIEND! 😁😂😂

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