Instant Friends

Some good 6 months ago Ron was on a website trying to find someone to talk to; some one who didn’t know him at all.

It was not until some hard work he found someone having a mutual interest. And apparently she was a girl “hell yea” . He talked to her for hours together and hours turned into days and they were friends or instant friends, friends who were thousands of miles away, friends who didn’t care about their looks, about their religion or being a black or white.
It was just this spark that sparked between them since the first minute.
Suddenly after some good few weeks she stopped responding to his texts, he tried a lot to contact her but nothing worked. Getting depressed was not his thing,days went by and he didn’t receive any email or text.
It’s today 6 months later his phone chimes and as normally as he looked at his phone to be pleasantly surprised yet confused and his mind filled with questions he saw it was her again.
It was that friend again.

To be continued…

-Unmesh Phule

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