Liebster Award #2

Once again I’m thankful to my friend and awesome blogger ‘Fairy Kumar’ ( Jadoo 😉 ) , As she has nominated me for Liebster Award ..
I don’t think there’s any need to tell you guys that how amazing blogger and cute friend Fairy is .. As many people are already in love with her blog ..
Coming to the award ceremony 😂 

Here are some rules for Liebster Award : 
– Recognize 5 other new bloggers.

– Answer a set of 11 questions that Fairy has asked.

– Tell readers 11 random facts about me.

– Ask 11 more questions of the new bloggers I mention.

– Link this post back to Fairy.
So now I’ll get into the questions Fairy (Jaddo)  has asked.

1.What is an award for you?

 –> For me award is ●when my parents feel proud about me ●when some unknown person in college tell me that s/he love my writings and many random stuff like this … In short I’m always busy receiving awards 😀
2.What completes you?

–> Curiosity + Family + Friends + Books + Music 

3.Plant or tree?

 –> Plant … It is going to be a tree someday , I prefer to think in long term 😁
4.What is that one thing which make you sleep?

–> tiredness … maybe , Idk … 😂

 5.Are you confused right now?

–> yup , I’m always confused .. side effect of continuous brainstorming … always lost in thoughts .. which results in making me confused often.
6.Do you find yourself as an inspiration?

Yes ! I’m a source of inspiration and motivation to many of my friends … they say so …. (Motivational Mahesh)

7.What is your biggest achievement?

 I have already posted about this. you can read it here

 8.How different I am (Jadoo) from others?

–>  This can be a separate blog post .. but I’ll try to answer in short … Most important point is that you creates amazing post from thoughts/things which seems pretty small … But after reading your post we have to think again … #ThoughtProvoking , and you are good at maintaining friendship with other bloggers & maybe that’s why your blog is crossing many milestones at the speed of light … you can add your cute way of speaking to this list 😉 Well , I think I should end my answer and move to next one 😂


9.Who is your umbrella (the most caring and supporting person!)

–> Nana ( my dad ) , Is there any need to clarity !? 
10.Which smell makes you happy?

Smell of earth after first rain 😍😍
Facts About Me : 

1. My full name is Mahesh Malhari Mali. Blogger friends call me Mahi , M3 , Mr.Mali , Mr.Motivation , Mr.Wink Awesomenger … you can call me whatever you want 😉
2. I was born in 1996. I’m a Leo but I don’t really believe in astrology stuff.

3. I am an engineering student.

4. I love reading. I keep reading books , blogs, newspaper daily !
5. If I really like a book , movie or TV show I can read/watch it again & again for a billion times.
6. Talking about movies, My favorite  movies are Avengers ( All of them Iron Man , Captain America & so on.. ) , Harry potter series , 3 Idiots.

7. I listen almost every genre of music.

8. I am state level Lawn Tennis player , but I like playing football more.. though I’m not much good at that.

9. Back in school I had won Student Of The Year two times. If I am not wrong , I was the most famous boy of my school.
10.I have no idea what alcohol tastes like. Seriously and I never smoked a cigarette.
11. Everything in my computer is perfectly organized in folders within folder, within folder…
Read more about me here
My Nominees : 

 1. AAlienPrincess

 2.  TJArtisticGallery

 3. PoemsByArti

 4. PratikUtekar

 5. TypedEmotions

Please visit this lovely blogs & don’t forgot to click on follow 😉

1. Who is your favorite superhero ?

2. Who is your role model ?

3. What are your worst habits ?

4. Which are your 5 favourite songs ?

5. What are your 5 current goals ?

6. What attracts you ? ( In love )

7. Which is your favorite movie ?

8. Who is your favourite author ?

9. Why you started blogging ?

10. What is your biggest regret ?

11. What makes you happy ?
Congratulations bloggers on your nominations!

Let me know in a comment box , when you share your blog post.  I am excited to read your answers. Now spread the word and nominate 5 new bloggers!

I would love to contact you ! You can stalk me here :
Insta : @mahesh_m_mali

Twitter : @mahesh_m_mali 

FB : Mahesh Mali

Or mail me


45 thoughts on “Liebster Award #2

  1. Mr. M3 is soo busy😂😂😂😂 and I know M3 is lying! He is busy in😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉
    Okay jokes apart, I liked your answers!! Silly you, didn’t made any questions from your side😜😜
    Well I am waiting for that post☺

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I am pretty late in commenting as this is an old post… You won student of the year twice?? So which one of these was you -siddarth or Varun dhawan? And I wonder who was Alia 😂😂 did you guys dance to disco deewane.. ahaan.. ahaan 💃💃

    Liked by 1 person

      1. What is boring?
        I got all rounder in school once, I really don’t know how because I never attended any sports competition. Leave competition,i hated P.E class 😂😂😂

        Liked by 1 person

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