Wizarding Celebration 🎊🎊

​I don’t think there’s any need to tell you the reason behind the title … 

But those who haven’t a clue … 

It’s the birthday of our very favourite, the goddess of writing …  J.K. Rowling 👑 & also the birthday of our childhood friend .. the chosen one … Harry potter ⚡

In addition to celebration the latest book in Harry potter series : Harry Potter And Cursed Child is  now available at bookstores !!!! (Yeyy !  I can’t wait to read that one 😁)

We have read the books over and over again and also watched the movies maybe a billion times each ! But still wizarding world has it’s never ending charm ..

And on this special day ,  I’m gonna share an interesting screenshot … from the tons of pictures in my phone about Harry Potter .. 

I guess my Muggle friends should also read this one 😛

This might change your Harry-Potter-Is-For-Kids mentality 🙄

credit : unknown source

– Mahesh ,

Auror .

Ex – Ravenclaw , Hogwarts  .

P.s. Call me a potterhead .. Idc 😜


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