Secret Love …. 1

I pretty nervous now .. I am trying to write short story … A complicated Lovestory …

I’m writing this story in form of diary entrys written by characters … their point of view … ( Please don’t expect a much from me .. I’m still immature at writing )

So here we go ..


As every other student , I was waiting eagerly for my 10th’s board result. My family was hoping me to get in top 3 from my school , But I was waiting for that day for one more different reason too. I was waiting for that day in hope that I might see my first love .. one sided love Sanjana …
My Sanju.

She had transferred to my school this year , from the very first day her gorgeous had face started catching my eyes. She is not merely a beautiful doll , she also had scored more marks than me in most of unit tests. she is so shy that I hardly have seen her talking with any boy. And the same shyness within me kept me away from the girls , though I was quite famous in my school , as I have won the student of the year award last year. But as I was not too social with others in school , there are only a few friends of mine , But none of them is too close to me to talk about one sided love with.

So, this whole vacation period I tried to socialize with people as more as I can. I have started chatting online with many boys & girls from school I haven’t talked a single word in real life … just to overcome my shyness .. But It doesn’t helping I guess .

Meanwhile, she had gone to Pune , her uncle’s place. that’s why I haven’t seen her after the exams have ended.

There is also a dark side of this event coming on, This might be the last time I will see her. I haven’t confessed my love to her , And after this result , we might go in different colleges. So, I think I should better forgot her and move on .. Registered & Protected  VF90-HQUW-JBD7-HLE1
Copyright © 2016-2017 by Mahesh M. Mali | Awesomengers. 

All rights reserved.


26 thoughts on “Secret Love …. 1

      1. Actually I have published 7 parts yet … but I had stopped writing this story … but I’m now considering to continue this story ( on public demand ) .. if you want to read all of them just simply google “awesomengers secret love” 😇

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