Secret Love …… 2


I am really in love with this place ! At first I missed the beautiful beaches of Goa .. But now I have started liking Pune , especially this college campus , in which my uncle have his apartment in one of the staff quarters here. I have decided to come here , at this very place for my next education , Not only because of the beautiful campus , but this college is really a prestigious college.

But there’s one thing that is making me mad , I don’t want to loose a bait with Namita , my best friend . We have made a bait that whoever will get less marks will give a treat to other . And it’s really a tough competition.

Last night I called Namu , Just  to tell her that I’m coming back .. But our conversation lasted for almost an hour , And one strange thing occurred , She told me that she’s chatting with Max … the Sheldon Cooper of school , yeah that’s what we used to called him , by ‘we’ I mean Namu & I .. We had given nicknames to everyone in the  school  … Even we uesd to call headmaster as Dumbledore  …. haha it was kinda fun !

back to the topic .. Namu kept telling me how they both have same interest .. How cute he looks in his profile photos and all … I doubt she is falling for him …

Finally when aunty interrupted and called me for dinner I hung up the phone wishing Namu “Best Luck for the result”.

Day of result is coming and mom , dad are started calling me back to Goa as vacation is also about to end.
So, I am traveling back to Goa , with butterflies in stomach about the result , though I am confident enough to say “I will be definitely in top 3 from the school”.

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{ It’s really hard for me to write girl’s perspective and her diary .. But I have dared to do that .. hope it’s not tooo boring or lame .. Suggestions are welcomed } Registered & Protected  VF90-HQUW-JBD7-HLE1

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