Secret Love ……3


“Get up bhaiya, Don’t you wanna see the result” loud voice of my younger brother George, disturbed my dream where I was on the date with Sanju. When I came out in the hall after having a shower, Mom, dad, George & Bella all were sitting in front of the laptop, waiting for the result to be displayed soon. My heart started pumping fastly, It was really a tough time for waiting for a result that is going to be announced at any moment, Watching “404 error” on screen.

And finally, the result link appeared. I typed my seat no. with shivering hands, the world seems to be in slow motion & I thought my heart is pumping faster than ever. My vision becomes black for a second, “Yeepiee, You got 83 % bhaiya” my little sister Bella shouted.
“Hey, I can see that sweetie” I replied with heart-broken voice. I was a bit disappointed as I was hoping it to be at least 85 %. But my family had started celebrating, I keep watching results of others from the school, Of course, I checked Sanju’s result before anyone else and she had scored 84 point something. I think that little extra marks than me were due to her marvelous handwriting.

Dad bought boxes of mithai to share in the joy of their son surviving high school with some good marks. We went to school to give mithai to teachers, and then the moment I was waiting for arrived, I saw Sanju and her parents talking with some teachers.

Her long dark hairs were troubling her due to the breezy air, big brown eyes and peach colored skin. Her lips were the color of the morning sun. with all these heart-winning attributes, she was looking gorgeous as always in a blue salwar-suit. our eyes met for a few seconds,  perhaps only in my imagination, my heart skipped the beat.

However, the presence of parents made me stop watching her & turn my focus on notice board saying that I stood 3rd from the school. Sanjana 2nd and Namita was one who had scored highest from the school.

Then I saw Sanjana walking straight toward me, And then I could see her, so full of life. She wore a childish smile, her cheeks, soft as cotton and her short hair dancing on her shoulders as she gracefully comes walking towards me.S he looked beautiful.

That’s the way every eye saw her. But as I stepped a little closer, trying to recreate her picture in my heart, as some part of me was saying that this might be the last time I am seeing her.

She stopped in front of me and congratulated me, Which was quite embarrassing because she was congratulating someone who has scored lesser than her. I was still confused whether is it happening or it’s just a dream, however, I managed to gather consciousness to greet and wish her the best of luck for her further life.

Then she went back to her parents flashing her million-dollars-smile at me. And I am still lost at that moment.

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25 thoughts on “Secret Love ……3

  1. lovely…I love your style….this reminds me of my 12th grade result…..superb writing my friend…..keep going…sorry for being late in reading I was having practicals…..I look forward for your other parts…..

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