Secret Love ……4

Namita Pankar
What a magical word it is .. hi .. just two letters .. which changes everything make a stranger a friend.

I’m writing this because a couple of months before .. Max was like a known stranger for me. But after his “hi” on Facebook changed everything .. at the start I thought our conversation won’t last longer than a couple of days. But here we are now, almost a month has been passed to that “hi” .. and we are still chatting .. Amazing isn’t it?
That Sheldon Cooper is now my online bestie  .. he seems like a male version of Sanjana for me 😅😅 I feel comfortable sharing many thoughts with both them 🙂

My birthday is in next week and I am damn excited to see my gifts 😀 especially waiting to see what Max & Sanju will bring !

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24 thoughts on “Secret Love ……4

      1. Hey , It’s not my birthday .. oh another misunderstood reader …
        It is birthday of Namita .. the character in this story .. diary style writing .. oh .. anyways .. thanks for the wishes 😊


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