A True Happy Birthday To Mahesh

I had no idea that #BloggersUnited will give me so many amazing people ! people who will make me feel so special !!! I am really blessed to have friends like you. A heartfelt thank you for all the things you do.
Thanks for all the birthday wishes ( and those funny jokes , they are beautiful !)
Love you guys 😘😘😘

Sense In Nonsense

Why people wish birthday with a prefix of ‘happy’? Indian scientists has done research on one happy blogger and after the result they have found out that

there is one guy who was always happy. He was always full of energy played Tennis , watched movies but he was happy. Even he has no girlfriend he stayed happy. He ruled over all the Pune with peace and no girlfriend. He helped old people and attended marriages as a chief guested but he had no girlfriends.

Scientists were shocked after reading the Report Card. One Oscar Award winner scientist quoted, ‘damn him, he is happy because he doesn’t had a girlfriend.’

That’s enough of my nonsense. As Mahesh you’re still alive and reading this post. We’ve decided to celebrate your ‘TRUE HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ by making jokes about you. By reading that you can laugh and remember your birthday that, you turned…

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