Happy Birth Day Mahesh! ☺

Hey @CollabQueen ,
Thank you so much for such a lovely post 😍😍
You have always helped me and I know will always 😂
Thank you for making my birthday so special …
Thank you for your advices about CAT & writing poems …
I heard you are gonna teach “how to be rude” from next week .. Mujhe bhi sikha do na ! 😂😂😂

List of thanks will goes on .. so I’ll stop here 😁
Luv you angry bird

P.s. you was the first one who called me 😘


Happy B’Day Mahesh!! May God bless you. ☺?
You have gotta great mind and heart with lots of positivity residing there. I am sure, your optimistic approach will take you to the greatest heights in your life. ☺

I don’t think there is any need to introduce Mahesh. To those who don’t him, I’d love to tell, he is a great blogger. He writes amazing blogs and poetries. And he excels at writing Science fictions. I appreciate it very much. He is also working for a Secret Love series. Now-a-days, he is also breaking records for doing collaborations. ?? But again, he is laudable at it. ?

Before coming to this blogosphere, I never had an idea I’d meet such lovely people here. And Mahesh, you are one of them.

Mahesh is an enthusiastic soul. He always seems to be energetic at any point of time. He’ll ping…

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