Secret Love ……6

Max Martin 

Tonight was Namita’s seventeenth birthday bash. and I was looking forward to some fun.
Early that morning, Sanjana called me .. yeah …  isn’t it great when your crush calls you ? of course it is …

She said, “We should reach there 30 minutes before the timing Namita have told us. So, we can help with decorations”

I replied “okay” and then after a silence of a few seconds she said “bye, see you in the evening”

After that I listen to the recording of that conversation on my phone for I-don’t-know-how-many times, Just to listen to her voice… Seriously this feeling called LOVE made us do many stupid things like that.

Sun was going down toward the west, I was in the balcony watching kids playing cricket on the streets and then I saw Sanjana. She stopped her scooter in front of my house and shouted at me “aren’t you ready for the party, yet ?”

My mom saw her and invited her in. So, for the first time in history, I had my friend in my home who was a “girl”.

I ran downstairs, told Sanjana that I’ll be ready in 5 minutes and ran back to my room. My younger sister followed me to ask “Bhaiyya, Is she is your girlfriend? She is so beautiful” I had no answer to that innocent curiosity of her. I said, “there’s nothing like that” and shut the door of my room.

Soon, I and Sanjana were at the hotel Rangoli, where Namita’s birthday bash was about start in 20 minutes. I helped Nikhil and Sahil, Namita’s elder brothers in blowing balloons and decorating the walls…

Then, one by one many of our schoolmates arrived. Namita come in her new black dress and she was looking absolutely gorgeous in that, she smiled at me and Sanjana.

Everyone sings “happy birthday Namita” with a cheerful voice as she cuts the cake shaped like an open book .. with the Hogwarts logo made on it.

Many boys already headed toward the buffet, Many hit the dance floor … And I stand in line to give her birthday present …

Soon, Namita and Sanjana lost in their girly chat .. ( I don’t know what they talk all the time 😂 )

So, I joined the Nikhil drinking soft drinks at the bar. Then when finally both girls got bored with just talking .. they snatched me to the dancefloor.

And I tried hard to DANCE, but it was the best time of the whole day .. I had never imagined that someday I’ll dance with the queen of my heart’s kingdom.
– Max Martin

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      Cause you are one of those who are reading this from start … more than that you are the one who made me keep writing ‘Secret Love’

      So , I’m glad you liked it 😊 Thanks !!

      Talking about cake .. I’m in love with it 😋😋😋😜

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