A-Z Post !

​I would like to thank Venessa for nominating me for this unique challenge 😇

I just realized that , 90% of my award , challenge , tags are either by Venessa or her WP sis Fairy 😂😂😂
Thank you both for remembering me every time 😘 
Well, let’s get started with this challenge ..
A – age : 20 

B- biggest fear: dying without doing / achieving something great 😶

C- current time : 5 pm 

D- Drink you last had: Water💧

E- Everyday starts with : An alarm ⏰ and someone trying to wake me up 😂 

F- Favorite song: there are many 😝

G- ghosts are real : Nope

H- hometown : Pune

I- in love with : Myself 😄

J – jealous : Jealous of my fellow bloggers who have got gift of heavenly good writing skills ;);)😅😅 lol #not-jealous-of-anybody 

K- killed someone : Not yet 😂😂😂

L-last time you cried : when my grandma died 😭😥😥

M-middle name : Malhari {Father’s} 

N- number of sibling : 1 younger brother 

O- one wish : To write a novel/s  📝📚

P- person you last called : Suraj 

Q – question you’re always asked : kuchh naya likha ? 😅

R- Reason to smile : It can be anything!:D 

S- sounds that irritate me : The noise a chalk creates while teacher is writing on the black board and the noise a balloon makes while rubbing with hands. 😫😫😫😫😫😫 {copied from Venessa’s post }

T- time you woke up : 6:00 am { on holidays 8/9/10 am 😂 }

U – Next question please .. I don’t wanna answer this one 😕 U for unnecessary one 😒

V- vacation destination : Paris!🗼❤

W- worst habit : Over thinking 😛 

X- x-ray you last had : can’t remember

Y- your favorite food: Punjabi , Marathi 😋😋 

Z – zodiac :  Leo 😎

My Nominees : 






Thank you for reading this 🙂

Think हटK , Be Awesome 😎 

XoXo , 


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