Happy B’Day Pari ❤

How do you wish “Happy Birthday” to a friend you like?

Well, we the members of Bloggers United have our own style of celebrating birthdays!

And we had planned to make this birthday a spectacular one ! of course, it must be awesome as it’s a birthday of Pratishtha aka the PARI …

Pratishtha ..

Beautiful soul, 

Awesome blogger,

Gorgeous girl … 

Here are some poem dedications for birthday girl 🙂

Some years back on this blessed day ,

An angel was born, who is truly one in the millions ..

and the seven heavens were lost in its brilliance.
I don’t know why they started calling you as Pari ..

But one thing is sure , you look nothing less than real life fairy
You are the most commendable fantastic friend ever.

We adore you lots, undoubtedly , forever!
May today and tomorrow bring you bliss ,

A worry-free future .. nothing sweeter than this !!

– Mahesh

Your beautiful big black eyes…

And that wide cheerful smile…

And your joyful nature…

Which certainly make someone to love you…

You must be your papa’s _PARI_ ..

But you are my magical friend…

Thank you Pari…

– Arti

A girl admirable with virtue , they call her an angel ,

Her eyes gleam and scrunch; spirit and soul abiding ,

Radiant grin slides over her face capturing joys around her,

She makes the world complete, a heavenly place.
Precise by her thoughts and magnificent by her values,                                Not only the elders but children too feel gratified. The one holding the finest legacy of beauty;

I must say, Her passion sounds vigorous than her profession.
For the world, she may be unexplored,

But to me, she is the queen of hearts.

I can see the craziness she creates on other minds,

But also the rejoice and tranquility she retains in herself.

– Ratika

You’re such an awesome friend and I hope your day is filled to the max with all the things you love. ❤


19 thoughts on “Happy B’Day Pari ❤

  1. Thankyou sooooooo much dear Mahesh! This post means so much to me😄 All of you guys are so amazing and i am so blessed to have friends like you😘💗 Arti,Ratika,Mahesh…these writeups for me are so beautiful😘 I loved all of them😊 Thanks a lot !! Love you all 😘😊😘

    Liked by 1 person

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