Distance Doesn’t Matter In Love ❤

To love someone is giving them your heart, and trusting them not to break it.

And long distance relationships require pure faith in your love and trust your partner.

This is our tribute to those who are connected to each other by hearts but living far away from each other.

Presenting a beautiful collaboration with my friend Tanya

I think about you everyday and every minute ,

But I don’t wanna just THINK …

I want to be with you , hug you , make you forgot the past you are living in.

take you back in present time so you can see the people going crazy in your love.

You are attracting me more & more .

From hello on WhatsApp

From likes on pics.

From making happy to making jealous about your ex.

You are just making me go mad.

You are the sweetest addiction I’ve ever had

But long distance between us makes me feel sad.

– Mahesh

You are the one I want to lean upon and forget about the world.

You are miles away but never far from me because there’s something which connects us that’s The love we share.

Maybe u r not the perfect one but I love you in your imperfection.

With you in my heart I want nothing.
when I have you I have everything.

You are the cherry to my cake.
I don’t want to loose you my love.

– Tanya

This is Tanya’s first attempt at poetry. Please visit tjartisticgallery.wordpress.com to be amazed by her phenomenal sketching skills 🙂

Think हटK, Be Awesome 😎

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