​I want  to write a lovesong for her …

​I want  to write a lovesong for her ,

But I can’t find the words beautiful enough to describe her ..

I don’t know what led me to love her , but I do know that talking to her

makes me feel like I have found something I’d never searched for,

yet somehow, she is  exactly what I was missing.

She is truly one of her kind ,

She has filled my life with a soulful melody ,

No one before her had succeeded to arouse poetry in my mind ..

She herself is like a never ending lovely song ,

Her magical eyes ,Her sensual voice ..

Her flawless beauty ,Her thoughts full of maturity ..

Everything about her itself is beautiful poetry !!!

– Mahesh

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Copyrighted © 2016-17 Mahesh Mali | Awesomengers 



75 thoughts on “​I want  to write a lovesong for her …

      1. Everybody says love is in the air. I just hope they don’t start filling balloons with love instead of helium. 😂😂😂

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      2. I have heard of people being weighed down in the name of love. Have you heard of the same in case of helium? 😂😂😂People can fall in and out of love, but can they fall out of helium?🤔🤔

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      3. I think love is radioactive element. You never know when it goes out of control 😂😂😂 side effects include binge drinking, posting gazillion photos and status updates on social media, and cheesy talks that makes anybody puke.
        I sounded so very anti-love right now with the above mentioned lines 😂😂😂😂😂

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      4. So now I wonder why you wrote this poem 🤔🤔😂😂😂
        Haha yes. Nowadays love is like a bag of chips, once you empty it, you throw the packet and buy a new one. 😖😖 Commitment is what nobody wants. I had a long discussion on this topic on aks blog two days ago. It ended with me being a relationship counsellor, I already got my first ‘patient’ too. WordPress brings out our hidden talents I guess.😂😂😂

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      5. Yes. And people like us, blogging… Who knows, may be, as I type this, they might be thinking-there might be life on other planets. 😂😂
        You know aks, there are people who believe that we all are a computer simulation, the whole universe is a game. That’s why few things like existence of aliens and theories in physics cannot be proved.

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      6. Just read it. 🙂
        I came across this in some article yesterday. It’s called the Matrioshka brain. It is a super computer that can hold the data of whole universe. And it is said that we are all simulation,h ence, we would never be able to prove the presence of life on other planets. It’s like we can’t see them, they can’t see us.

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