Dwelling on past

Future is filled with endless possibilities,

But my silly heart is fond of dwelling on the memories,

want to relive every moment back again,

Despite knowing that it wouldn’t last.
If I could live my life again,
My heart wouldn’t let me change a thing,

Some things might again end up hurting me,

But I wouldn’t change a thing,

Though I didn’t reach the desired destination,

in the journey I felt so glad that I want to rejoice all the good time I had.

– Mahesh

Dwelling on the past can only lead us to never ending loop of I-should-have-done-something-different thinking. But it is really difficult to control our stubborn mind. Isn’t it?


14 thoughts on “Dwelling on past

  1. Love this post, it sure is easy to dwell but it’s much more beautiful living in the present. As soon as we realize this and understand the work we have to do in our brain to move forward; Life become much easier and enjoyable 🙂

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