… I suddenly stopped.

I’m glad to present my second collaboration with Jadooo ( Fairy Kumar ), She is one of my favorite bloggers here. Please visit blog: https://pixiesparklecom.wordpress.com/

I suddenly stopped
I love the wind,

and flew with it!

The flawless smile on my face,

Exuberant me through the phase.
Euphoric flight was always a delight

but something… took its sight!

Being heedless about the surroundings,

Vivaciousness turned into dispiriting.
The hit was strong,

and never let the wings go round!

I suddenly stopped…

Without any practical thought.
The feeling was completely unknown

but made me ruminate on and on…



I stopped.
Because even a breath in that space is enough to mesmerize me,

In that phase my heart starts bubbling over with inexpressible hope and joy.
I had not felt the extent of that in years ! It was so good,

I wanted to hold onto it.

I would go to this place of peace in my heart that felt so good, I couldn’t move.
I’ve tried to pause long enough that my heart would dig way down,

To capture every glimpse of this amazing feeling.

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Copyrighted © 2016-17 Mahesh Mali & Fairy Kumar


Published by Mahesh Mali

Author of 'Reflections of My Youth' | Student @ SPPU | Former Fellow @BeingVolunteer | Freelancer @PlayoApp | Tennis Player

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