Announcement !

Hello, Awesomengers!

Hope everyone is doing great. Okay, instead of beating around the bush, let me get into the topic.

For a while now, We’ve been working on something new, something amazing to present on the blogosphere.

Yes, WE! I’m working on these concepts with some very talented bloggers.

We are going to start a brand new blog, Bloggers United.

where you will not just enjoy the extraordinary work by these brilliant folks, you’ll also come across many creative awards/challenges/competitions etc.
We are also going to share posts by awesome newbie bloggers whose works deserved to be shared. Okay, that’s the one part of the announcement.

Now one more big announcement:

We are going to host a “Reader’s choice award ceremony” !! We all have seen many ‘so called’ awards and we all know that they are not too hard to get. So, they don’t hold much “value”. right ?

So, that’s why we are going to host reader’s choice awards, where readers will VOTE for their favorite amongst best bloggers in different categories.
Isn’t it sound AWESOME !?

It’s a token of appreciation to your favorites for writing and helping you learn something new each day!
So please remember to vote for your favorite bloggers in respective categories.

Be sure to leave your thoughts and any questions you may have regarding this.

PS – You can start following us on we are going start posting in 2017 😉

Twitter & Instagram : bloggersunited1

Facebook: thebloggersunited


WhatsApp : +91 8237280976 / +91 8500568795


50 thoughts on “Announcement !

      1. Sure Mahesh! 🙂
        As per now there is nothing huge. But as you people are promoting the new blog now, if not much, at least build up the basic ‘About’ page so that when someone visits it, he comes to know about what the blog is all about. 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

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