Happy Birthday Angry Bird 🎂

Happy B’Day Shreya !! May God bless you 🎂

Is there any need to introduce Shreya? Obviously NO. She is one of my favorite bloggers on WordPress and I guess she must be in your favorite list too! 

To those who don’t know her, I’d love to tell, she is a great blogger. She has won three awards {Best English Poet, Best Quotes Blog & Best Collaboration } in Bloggers United Reader’s Choice Awards. 

Undoubtedly she writes amazing blogs and poetries. She is a Collab Queen of WordPress 😍😝 

Don’t know when I’ll get to do a collaboration with this amazing poet 😂

After this conversation, it was mandatory for me to write this post. Or probably Shreya would have started planning my murder 😝

Anyway, Thank you so much, Shreya for always appreciating my work, For your valuable advice on various posts on my blog.

#SomeRandomFacts about birthday girl:

  • Her blog title “Mysterious Soul” is very apt for her personality. Shreya knows A LOT about me and I know nothing about her. One weird thing about Shreya is that she loves calling herself an EVIL person. 
  • If you want to chat with her, be prepare to face lots of Kitty Faces  and galtiyaan 😂
  • It’s always a fun talking with her!

I remember her saying  “Jldi se dec khatm ho jaye and mera b’day aye .. I want to turn 21 and then stay 21 forever” 😁😁😂

Well, finally you are forever 21 … Ab party de hum sabko 😛

Happy B’day again dear. I wish you have a beautiful journey ahead. Keep writing, Keep blogging. Stay smiling. Keep Inspiring. Be yourself 🙂


18 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Angry Bird 🎂

  1. @Mahesh Mali ,I have created a group on fb for WordPress bloggers and have added you and the other blogger frnds who are already in my frnd list.Add other bloggers in the group if they are interested and in your friend list.
    Thank you 🙂

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  2. Hahah, I loved the fact how you remembered, I want to turn 21 and stay 21 forever 😂😂😍😍

    Thank you so much , Mahesh for posting this piece for me. I loved it and I am amazed how much love I’m getting through you guys. 😊😊❤️

    And yes, I know everything about you but you know nothing 😉😂

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