Fifty Shades Trilogy

A friend of mine recommended this series to me, And she told me that this is her favorite book series. And also I had heard a lot about this ‘Bestseller‘. So, I decided to read the books and see what all the fuss is about? I must admit that, was avoiding to read this series due to the hype of this trilogy as a “mommy porn” and “Fan Fiction Of Twilight” etc etc .
I had already watched the movie ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and I really didn’t understand this character ‘Christian Grey’ … I was curious to know the reason behind his contemptible lifestyle. But book #1 ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ didn’t help a lot. To be honest, I was expecting MORE from the book but there was nothing more than what I had already seen in the movie.

I am hopelessly romantic and believe in happily ever afters. 😛 And that’s why I like the #2 Book ‘Fifty Shades Darker’. Christian goes under drastic change, It seems so at first, but soon you’ll realize that Grey is still the same douche bag. I noticed that Out of all three books darker has more of STORY element. Well, now that I have mentioned the story element … these books are filled with too many erotic scenes and the story part is very very very less.

#3 book ‘Fifty Shades Freed’ is the thickest of the series. 😅 But again, in 582 pages there is not a much of story. I am strictly avoiding to comment on any part of the story as it will turn out as BIG SPOILER! Because there is already a very little content so I won’t talk about it.

The emails were one of my favorite parts, the subjects and signatures were hilarious. I also like the characters of Christian’s parents.

But there’s nothing much to like about the main characters. Seriously I don’t think that they are someone to be admired.

E.L.James have made many efforts to make Christian more likable, especially for girls, who have this childhood dream of the knight on a white horse, the castle high on the mountain where bad things won’t touch them, by writing a lot about how hot and wealthy he is. But that doesn’t overshadow his dark side which abuses and f*ck lookalike, dark haired women for one illogical reason.

Ana, on the other hand, gained a lot of sympathy from me. But at some point and other I thought she is a stupid, loving a someone like Christian, who is financially well settled but mentally very very poor. I wondered how any self-respecting woman can keep loving a bastard who has a disgusting attitude & seriously need a psychiatric help.
We can ignore her stupidity as love is blind in most of the cases.

Overall I enjoyed reading it, it is just that this series didn’t meet my high expectations about this book. I was expecting more because the friend who recommended this to me is an avid reader and have good taste in literature. Btw, I like the happy ending and last part of the third book where we get to see the Christian’s perspective was good.

Would I recommend reading the series  ??

No, because it doesn’t offer a story worth spending so much time. You can read two-three good novels in the same time span.

Unless you are interested reading an erotic novel. Erotic lovers will find the kinky f#*kery exciting. { Confession: I write erotic poems sometimes. So, I had no issues reading these parts and I enjoyed reading some 😜 }

Though I would suggest you read A Psychiatrist’s Letter to Young People about Fifty Shades of Grey first before starting reading the series. Especially to the teenagers.

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41 thoughts on “Fifty Shades Trilogy

  1. Yayyyy! Mr Positive is back! 😃 I missed your love poems so so much huh. And this review, such a truthful and sensible review. I loved everything about it. ☺☺ I haven’t read this book, and I wouldn’t want to read it either 😂😂 But amazing review. Keep writing abi. 😇

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  2. Well, what I believe is that you wouldn’t find any other book with such an expression. E.L. James has beautifully, sensually and seductively brought out the whole thing about the ‘not so loved story’ . Leaving everything about the sex, it’s a good read. The in all expression mesmerises the readers.

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  3. It wasn’t in my mind to go through the series before, and now the notion has become stronger. 😀
    Though have seen the first part, and unfortunately due to the most anticipated and unwanted ending, I might go for the movie version of second part. And this is the reason I skipped reading your review for the second part of the series as I had sensed the presence of spoilers from the first line. 😀

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    1. Yeah, go for movie .. It have photogenic lead actors, slick visuals, good soundtracks and it won’t take a much time. 😛 this is happening for the first time that I would suggest my friends to watch the movie instead of reading book.

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      1. Kya rekha ji .. I recognized you 😒
        How can I forget someone who is amongst the top commenter on my blog and have a unique id : supercalifragilisticxpialidocious 😛


      1. Yeah, maybe. Or maybe people are also interested in reading the erotic plots and that’s why they compromise on story part… maybe that’s why it’s a bestseller ( just an opinion )

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  4. Sometimes I don’t comprehend why people take much jab at this trilogy. It’s just a love story with an unlike story telling. Cal me a struggling romance addict, but I dig Christian’s ‘kinky fuckery’ 😉

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  5. It makes me happy to find people who don’t find an obligation to stick to the norms of what a person should like and what he shouldn’t in accord to the ‘trends’ of this society. Very well written.

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  6. Well if you read Grey instead of Fifty Shades of Grey in the beginning, the series seems to be better. It also provides a wider perspective on the protagonist. However, you’re right this series is highly over hyped. Considering it as a erotica, the Crossfire series is better. You can give it a go if you like.

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    1. I think it was more because of the expectations that I didn’t enjoy the reading it that much. Btw, thank you for stopping by and reading this, I guess I suck at writing reviews 😅

      Also, thanks for the recommendation!

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      1. Yeah some book hypes are so disappointing. You don’t suck at writing reviews, you wrote about your perception about the book and that what’s attracted me. I love when people do that. I loved your review.

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