Stop Caste Based Reservation

There are some topics that people avoid speaking upon. Because we all know that when you speak about it you will always end up eating your words. And reservation is clearly one of those topics.

Reservation was introduced to uplift the people from backward classes, to bring them to the mainstream. And I agree that such reservation at that time was necessary to remove age-old discrimination against the lower caste. This has also helped the people from all sections of the society to be represented in government and educational institutions. But many things have changed since independence and now there are people in the reserved category who don’t need the reservation anymore and also there are people in the general category who deserve to be reserved.

Personally, I believe that
Caste-based reservation in today’s society is a violation of the right to equality. (Opinion) Am I wrong?

Reservation actually adds up negative thinking towards reserved ones in general categories’ minds and all caste, creed, and discrimination takes birth from this reservation only.
So, extending the concept of reservation up to this era is totally unacceptable.

Sadly, it is very very very difficult to abolish the reservation because the reservation is provided in the Constitution of India. If you wish to abolish reservation, you have to amend Constitution. This is not possible with the present government to do so since the Constitutional amendment requires the two-thirds majority in both Houses of Parliaments. BJP does not have even a simple majority in Rajya Sabha and hence there is no question of any Constitutional amendment as all opposition parties are likely to vote against the abolition of reservation.

The second and most important point is that it would be suicidal for the BJP or any other political party to be in favor of abolishing the reservation of SC/ST and OBC whose population is around 75% in India. The upper caste whose population is hardly 10% can’t help any party to win an election even if every single person from that caste vote for them. It’s really a sad reality and an embarrassing fact that the majority of people vote considering only two things: Money & Caste.

Hence, there is no possibility of Shri Narendra Modi or any other political leader ever abolishing reservation.
As a matter of fact, PM has already ensured the people of India that the reservation shall not be abolished.
In one speech in March 2016, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asserted that the reservation policy for Dalits and tribals will not be diluted even if Ambedkar himself were to come back to life and demand its revocation.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi asserted that the reservation policy for Dalits and tribals will not be diluted even if Ambedkar himself were to come back to life and demand its revocation.

But being optimistic ( or say hopelessly optimistic ) I believe that if people start to raise their voice against the caste-based reservation, one day soon politicians will think beyond the politics of vote banks.

Well, I’m not completely against the concept of “reservation”, as there are still many people whom we can call “underprivileged”.

Class is an issue, Caste isn’t.

As I have already said before, there are people in the reserved category who don’t need the reservation anymore and also there are people in the general category who deserve to be reserved.
Income-based reservation can eliminate this issue in the current reservation system. But this might be a tedious task, as people actually may not provide the correct data. So, before implementing this, the government must develop a correct system and this will also result in increased Income Tax returns.

I can go on writing pages and pages on this topic. But I don’t want to make this a ‘lengthyyyy’ one. So, I’ll stop here.
But there’s one last thing I want to tell/request you all is that I am against the caste-based reservation but I’m also strongly against the bullying, shaming, abusing of SC/ST/OBCs about this issue in the virtual and real world. Please stop sending, spreading memes and cartoons that depict the reserved category in the bad light.

Published by Mahesh Mali

Author of 'Reflections of My Youth' | Student @ SPPU | Former Fellow @BeingVolunteer | Freelancer @PlayoApp | Tennis Player

58 thoughts on “Stop Caste Based Reservation

  1. Nice post Mahesh. 🙂
    There is reservation everywhere except in IT, and I remember reading news few days ago that they will start it in IT too! Reservation is fine, but not everywhere. There are people who cannot afford education, let there be some scholarships and reservations for them. We are all equal irrespective of our caste or color.🙂

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    1. Well Rekha ji, There’s no reservation in armed forces too. But there is reservation in all other jobs which is wrong according to me. I think job selection is something that should be completely merit-based.


      1. Very true. Same with education too. U know, for exams like gate, pass marks for reservation category is 16, while that for general category is 25. That’s a huge margin of marks! Most of the government jobs have reservation. One of my classmates told me once that he can get a job anywhere because he falls under the reservation category.

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      2. That’s again a biggg topic about reservation. I’ll try to pen out my views about what you are trying to convey. See, I think it will be great if government reserve seats for “poor” candidates which will remove disparities between privileged and underprivelged. And I guess no one will have objection about that. But again it’s difficult to define and identify REAL “poor” people.

        Thank you Rekha ji 😊


      3. True that mahesh. Let me give u an example, our house maid has two kids. Just two weeks ago, the school people said per child education cost is 30k and they have to pay it in two installments. How can a daily wage worker afford to pay such high tuition fees? Reservations in these circumstances help. 🙂

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      4. My father is driver on school bus and me and my brother are engineering students. So, I can really understand that situation. That’s why I’m repeatedly saying that reservation should be “class-based” not “caste-based”. Though we also fall under the reserved OBC category. I still insist on abolishing the caste based reservation as I know many students from OPEN category who are also poor and some of those far more poor than us …

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      5. 👍👍
        I think reservation based on merit and only merit is not a bad idea either. We do have merit systems, but then again there is reservation. But of course, if it’s going to be just merit based then may be they should make atleast primary education cheaper or free. 🙂

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      6. That’s a good idea. There are already many government-aided schools and schools run by NGOs for free or subsidized fee and those educates approximately 27% of India. But there’s much more that can be done in this !


  2. “What an irony it is that we Indians call our nation as a secular nation and our government is discriminating it’s citizen on basis of castes by the CASTE-based reservation system.”
    According to the constitution,this discrimination is called “Protective Discrimination” and is considered imperative for the protection and upliftment of these depressed classes.Though,today’s India is more “class based” which enables mobility,than “caste based” that doesnt.Hence,i second your opinions regarding this matter.Kudos!

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    1. Constitution aims at providing equality of opportunity to all by “protective discrimination” which is great. Undoubtedly. But as you also have agreed today’s India is more “class based” …

      Thank you so much Pratishtha 😊


  3. There is much more to reservation that you can see. What you see is from one side. First, you will have to dig deeper to know why this is there then you can see whether it is discrimination or not. Will come back and post in detail later.

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    1. I agree that there is much to reservation than this and that’s why I’m gonna post more articles regarding the same. And I’ll always look forward to read all comments to enhance my knowledge and make a broader perspective about this issue.

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      1. It’s all about the participation of different sections of society in different Institutions . How do you feel if when there are 14% women MP in a society of 50% Women , these are not a sign of a healthy or better society.

        Reservation primarily have to purposes
        1. To escalate Social and economic development of certain section of our society that are discriminated by others from years

        2. To have equal participation in Different Institutions of these sections

        The first point can be achieved despite Caste based reservation, by just giving reservation to Poor of all caste

        But for the second point we need to have Caste Based Reservation system

        So we have the reservation

        Reservation for SC category is 15 % and population is 16.2%
        Reservation for ST category is 7.5 % and population is 8.2 %
        Reservation for OBC category is 27 % and population is 41% (2006 data)
        Un-reserved 50.5% and general population is 34.6%

        Population Enumeration Data (Final Population)

        From above data you can see that these sections are provided less reservation than their population share

        So from above data you can see that a child born in a general category have 1.35 times more chance to a person born in a SC family.

        —- The above answer is from quora…

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      2. I don’t agree with your opinion that caste based reservation is the only way to achieve second purpose of reservation ( mentioned in your comment ). Why do you think that income based reservation won’t be able to achieve that ? Do you think there are more poor people from general category ? If NO, then what’s the problem ? If YES, then I would suggest you to broaden your concept of EQUALITY, by saying this you are actually defending the whole caste system. I think every unprivileged poor should get equal opportunity REGARDLESS OF THEIR CASTE.

        Coming to your argument about population and reservation percentage, See people from SC,ST,NT,OBC can also get Un-Reserved seats, so there’s no need to give reservation equal to population.

        Whoever have wrote this answer on Quora have given me another example of POST-TRUTH. Because s/he have beautifully used ‘some’ facts to prove her “OPINION” but I think you should think in different dimensions about such issues and I hope ma’am you will consider my views also 😊

        Btw, Happy Gudi Padwa !


      3. Hi, one thing I can tell you – when there are two people from different castes with the same financial background, do you think they are treated equally? Nope. They are not. Reservation is only trying to do a bit of justice to all the oppression that has taken place for centuries and is still trying to take place.

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      4. I agree with you about “treating” .. the thing about it is that it will be there as long as there’s caste system. And can’t be eradicated with the presence of caste based reservation which is a major thing that make many of us realize about the whole caste system.

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      5. Unfortunately, I am in the middle of something really important where I can’t find time to get you the actual article I meant to find. When I do find it I will post it here. Thanks. And by the way, I am a Dalit, so I can tell you from the other side what is wrong with the society and why we need reservations. OK, I didn’t even know what my caste was till I did my 10th, because my parents didn’t care to tell me about it and I only knew because I was forced in my school to give the caste for my 10th certificate so I didn’t use it till then. Even for a scholarship interview, I attended in my dad’s workplace I did not go through the reservation system. I worked in the IT and have never used my caste to get any of the IT jobs that I did. In fact, if anything I was only looked down upon saying if I came from a certain caste my IQ/knowledge level must be low. Some one in the family had been unfriended by a lot of people because he posted caste based (Dalit) stuff on his FB page. This is in the 21st century. I would love to know what percentage of “low” caste people feel reservations are not needed.
        Talking of which a lot of people who have crossed a certain barrier don’t use their caste anymore and go in as general category. My children had been marked as General category when I put them in school and that is what their certificate says.

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      6. What I actually want or say dream that caste must cast away from the society. It’s 21 century so we must move on leaving such discriminating things behind. And as you said barely anyone know or care about their or anyone else’s caste. But caste based reservation unconsciously divide people in different categories.

        Thank you so much for taking time to share your views 😊


      7. I would love that too Mahesh, a society where caste is cast away, but it is not going to happen when we cannot educate people and we cannot educate people if there is no reservation. If you go into real rural areas, children still struggle to study because of all the caste based politics unfortunately. How are we going to achieve

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      8. Hey I’m not against the reservation, I’m against the CASTE-based reservation. As caste can’t possibly represent the need of reservation.
        there are people in the reserved category who don’t need reservation anymore and also there are people in the general category who deserve to be reserved. Those who deserve the helping hand from government should get benefited, no doubt about that !


  4. Yayyy, this post is finally here. 😃 “Caste based reservation in today’s society is a violation of right to equality, am I wrong?” This thought struck me hard. I really liked reading your thoughts, I am not very good at general knowledge, but if you explain it this way, toh it’s enjoyable. 🤓 Thankyou for helping me out, and cheers to you, write more of these. 😇😇

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    1. Hahaha, Thank you Chandni 😊
      Engineering background ki vajah se mera bhi sociology, political science ka knowledge thoda kam hai 😁 but I tried to put my views anyway, thanks once again !

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  5. Agreed completely with each and every fact. There should be only one basis of reservation i.e. On financial basis, if one aspires to study but isn’t able to study shouldn’t lag behind due to money problems, there should be suitable concessions and scholarships. But the present system of reservation based on caste is cruelly eating up our country and the privileged minds too.

    Great post.

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  6. i remember one incident i want to share here- There was one of my friend she was very talented and her passion was to do something innovative in physics,so she applied for M.SC physics in our college. After the exams when we saw merit list,her name was not there means she was not selected but one girl with low marks than my friend got selected just because she belongs to the reserved one.I want to say that if you want to raise everyone then provide everyone equal opportunity to fight competition,but don’t do cheating like this because it may harm some talented ones of our country…

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    1. I know such things are happening EVERYWHERE in India. and to avoid these incidences Indian government should abolish the caste based reservation or should at least modify the definition of “backward class”. It’s sad that many politicians think class and caste is a same thing 😶

      Anyway, Riya .. Thank you so much for stopping by 😊

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      1. Yes but we don’t have a choice on choosing the contestants either. When 9/10 leaders are only behind power and votes, what option do we have? We end up voting for one of them. That 1 sincere person never gets elected.

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  7. Caste based reservations has outlived its usage and now is the time to rethink on the fundamental principles on which the reservations are offered. It is true that abolishing this caste reservation is not easy and we will not see this happening any time soon.
    Here, Income based reservations can come in handy, there may be some complications in this as you have mentioned but once this complications are resolved the Income based reservations can serve its purpose.
    Income based reservations can help the financially backward i.e. poor and needy ones.
    Till then, what one can do is spread awareness about the demerits of the caste reservation and encourage people to critically think in this regards.
    Thank you for bringing this up and waiting for your next post on this topic.

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  8. GREAT!! U really have guts to speak on this topic. I believe if u want to improve someone’s conditions give them the opportunity to get basic primary education. Job opportunities and higher education should be totally based on merit. Yaar, un politicians se puchho ki woh reserved category m 40% laakar doctor bane logon se ilaaj kyun nahi karwate?? Abroad bhaag jaate hai treatment karwane!!! Sab vote bank ka chakkar hai…. Constitution m to sirf 10 saal k liye reservation diya gaya tha…..!!!? Anyways, nice post. Looking forward to read more of your posts. BTW if u have time do check out my blog.

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    1. Thank you, Shreya… For stopping by and sharing your views 😇
      Yes, yeh sab vote bank ke chakkar me hi chal raha hai… Aur rahi baat reservation sirf 10 saal ke liye toh that was only for “political” reservation and it is extended by democratically elected lawmakers in various amendments. unanimously.
      Shreya, I beg to differ about your views about reservation in Jobs and higher education. I can go on and on about every REAL “deprived” classes… But for now, I would like to give example of people with disabilities. There are many PWDs who clears UPSC CSE and still don’t get any post (when there’s a 4% reservation quota for them) and if you have read my post “few ways to make society more inclusive” you’ll understand that even when there’s reservation in place, schools are not interested to give admission… So, think about the scenario where there’s no reservation. So, reservation is indeed a great tool. All we need to do is to shape it in such way that it will be helpful for those who REALLY need it.


  9. Totally agree with you! 👍👍

    That pic where Divide is crossed and Reserve is written instead is creative!

    The jobs/admissions should be given on merit based and not based on the caste of that person because through this caste is being promoted… Fanning the flames of discrimination against the general category.

    You said they comprise 75% of our population… That’s utterly shocking!!

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