Sweek : Stories Never End.

“Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone is a writer. Some are written in the books, and some are confined to hearts” – Savi Sharma.

These are the lines from ‘Everyone Has A Story‘ by Savi Sharma. And I guess you all must agree with her.

Yes, we all have stories but where should we share those?

I recently came across a new story-sharing platform: Sweek!

For those of you don’t know what Sweek is, it is an open platform to read, write and share stories, across the globe, In an instant. For free. Sweek provides writers an opportunity to write their story, chapter by chapter, reach out to their audiences and get noticed.

Sweek is also a good platform to read stories of upcoming writers. We can also follow well-known authors and sweek also let us read many of the popular classics fo free.

I have been using their app from the last month,  I’m reading ‘The Emotional Rollercoaster‘ shared by one aspiring author called Sharvari Narendra and I’m also reading one classic novel:  ‘Time Machine‘ written by one of my favorite science fiction writer H.G.Wells. 

I have also shared four chapters of my story called ‘Secret Love‘, If you haven’t read the secret love yet, Go read and give me your valuable feedback.

Here is some info about Sweek: 

Sweek is the fastest growing app in the self-publishing industry.
They have an extremely intuitive and user-friendly UI and their growth rates reinforce this: over 70k users in 5 months.


  • They have a huge network of authors, publishers, and partners in over 90 countries.
  • They feature promising authors and their stories, also publish them on their media channels.
  • Their engagement rates are high, with authors connecting with most of their followers in over 40 languages.
  • No paid advertisements in the app.


  • Their user base is still growing and yet to reach the million mark.

The Most Important Thing About Sweek:

Every month Sweek organizes a writing competition and give writers a chance to win awesome prizes.


Best story [jury prize]: 1 gift card worth €100
Most popular story [crowd prize]: 1 gift card worth €100
Most original [jury prize]: 1 gift card worth €25
Best plot twist [jury prize]: 1 gift card worth €25
Best writing style [jury prize]: 1 gift card worth €25
Most compelling [jury prize]: 1 gift card worth €25
Best characters [jury prize]: 1 gift card worth €25

Next, to these prize winners, they also select top stories for each language to be featured on Sweek for 3 weeks.

Guys ! Think about this — we put a lot of effort into building the audience on sites like Wattpad, Facebook or even on Instagram by posting our stories there. Unfortunately, this audience mostly consists of freebie seekers and not professionals. I think Sweek is a great platform to get noticed by professionals. As  Veronika Kartovenko, co-founder and business development manager at Sweek recently said that ‘We talked with a lot of publishers during the Frankfurt book fair to discuss incorporating mobile publishing into their strategy. We definitely expect more top authors and publishers to join Sweek in the upcoming months.’

So, basically, Sweek is worth giving a shot. Go download it and start reading/writing stories .. because stories never end.

60 thoughts on “Sweek : Stories Never End.

  1. Hi, this is Sharvari Narendra. I stumbled on your blog and I’m very honoured to have been mentioned here. So just wanted to say thank you 🙂

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