Awesomengers 1 : The Reunion

Mayank stood as tall and proud as always, in a crowd full of eminent people wearing fancy party wear. Being the host, he was the center of that party, He had invited people to celebrate as his company – CosmoTech had got the contract to launch 8 commercial satellites.

With the night sky growing darker, people had started to leave the party one by one, only a few were left there. People who were still attending the party were mostly his classmates from SVCP ( Sir Vinci College Of Physics ) and who were working with him at CosmoTech.

Though everyone else was having fun, Sanjyoti was waiting eagerly, constantly watching toward the entrance of Mayank’s house, which was a massive palace like several other palaces on that hill. Mayank walked toward her and  tapped her shoulders from behind and asked: “He is coming here or not ?”

She turned back to face him and answered, “He just texted me saying that he is coming in 5 minutes” her voice became faint & her eyes struck behind Mayank.

Mayank turned his head to see what she was looking at and it was Mohsin, who was already surrounded by Suraj, Anant, Prajwin and Rahul. Mayank felt amazing to see his best buddy after a long time.

“And now it’s time to celebrate this gang reunion !” Mayank muttered before joining other boys.

“Is it a right time to join the party? duffer” Anant, the tallest guy among the group said while slapping Mohsin on his back.

“If you boys have finished your gibber jabber, join me inside… Let’s have a fun like old days” Omkar who was holding champagne bottles in his hand, shouted over the boys.

Soon everyone was inside the palace, sitting in the huge hall where humanoid robot workers served the drink to them. Mohsin who was visiting this place for the first time in a while was observing everything nearby and when done he said: “You guys have really made the heaven for nerds here !”.

“You might have been with us at CosmoTech if you hadn’t gone mad with that hypnotism thing” Suraj smirked.

“This is the first time we are all together after our night camping at Rajgad when we all were in the last year of graduation !” Prajwin said excitedly.

“Night camping ?” Kanchan, who was sitting with other ladies on huge clumsy sofa asked enthusiastically.

Before anyone could say anything, she continued “We should go camping sometime.. all together”.

“Let’s go tomorrow! Why postpone such amazing idea” Priya said glancing at Mayank.

“If everyone wants.  I have no problem with this” Mayank replied.

Soon the conversation drifted from planning this upcoming camping trip toward the old days and everyone started to talk about their memories from college time.

After a while Prajwin left the party saying that his wife, Rutuja is waiting for him.
And then one by one everyone left, most of them were living on the same hill.

To be continued…

Copyrighted © 2016-17 Mahesh Mali | Awesomengers 


Published by Mahesh Mali

Author of 'Reflections of My Youth' | Student @ SPPU | Former Fellow @BeingVolunteer | Freelancer @PlayoApp | Tennis Player

20 thoughts on “Awesomengers 1 : The Reunion

  1. Yayyyy! I think I’ve read this. This is your sci-fi wali suuuper amazing story na? 😃😃 I am so happy you posted it. And excitedly waiting for the next parts. Also, I noticed one thing in your story that I didn’t notice last time. 😂

    Keep writing, Mr Positive! 😇

    Liked by 3 people

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