Imperishable Doubts 

PIC CREDIT: Cristina Otero.

I remember the night when I saw her after a long time,

My heart had started pumping more blood to my mind that didn’t understand,

how can this girl own my world again with a single glance?
Albeit her gorgeous face was bewitching me with her magical smile,

Her beautiful eyes didn’t meet the happiness of her lips,

In fact, they were filled with tears.
I wanted to ask her so many things,

Where she was past few months? Why she didn’t even bother to contact any of us, her friends?

But more than anything I wanted to ask her about her sadness that she’s trying to camouflage behind that larger than life smile,

But when I started walking toward her, she disappeared into the crowd.

Every time I grab a pen and paper, I write all the things that I ever wanted to ask and kept the letters in the drawer next to my bed.

Now I wait for her every day at that park, to stop the storm of curious questions roaring in my mind, to know the secret of her grief.

I kept visiting that park every day, Searching for her everywhere, But never caught a sight of her.

Fortunately one day our path crossed each other. But, before I can fathom my thoughts into appropriate line, she answered my unspoken question.
“Don’t ask me anything. It’s dark secret. Keep it that way.”

Then she walked out. Again. Leaving me astonished, bewildered and lost in thought.

Maybe they are right that some stories don’t have an end and some questions can not be answered.

Copyrighted © 2017

Mahesh Mali |Awesomengers



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