Awesomengers 2 : The Thrilling Night

It was dawn, breezy out there. A white Audi R8 came roaring in front of ‘The Galaxy‘ – Headquarter of CosmoTech. Mayank was passing by while taking his morning walk.

He was surprised by this incidence as no outsiders were allowed to enter the hill at this time and people who lived there didn’t use cars to visit The Galaxy, which was at calls distance. So, he pressed one button on his watch and asked “who’s riding a car near The Galaxy at this time? And who permitted him to drive in?” A mechanized voice answered “Mohsin. The one to whom you gave VIP permissions on the hill last night“.

As he heard this, he rushed to the lawn in front of The Galaxy, where Mohsin was busy taking selfies in front of that massive building. “Hey, what are doing here? isn’t it too early?” Mayank asked Mohsin as he finished taking his last selfie.

Well, I hadn’t seen the whole Nerd-o-hill last night, So I thought I would see it before we left for camping” Mohsin explained while both of them jumped into his car.
He drove his car into Mayank’s parking lot, where already lots of luxurious cars, bikes were resting. “Take one of these” Mayank said pointing towards the hands-free Segways kept on a cupboard in the parking garage. “Why ?” Mohsin asked.
Well, you know the hill isn’t small and we don’t use cars/bikes for travelling here on the hill,” Mayank said while he mounted on one of the Segways.

Soon both of them were on the road with huge mansions and beautiful trees passing by on both sides. Mayank continued the conversation by telling Mohsin about who lives in the houses they were passing by.

At the end of that street, some sort of noise was coming out from the Ketan’s house. Both of them entered through the gate in front of that house, marching in search of the source of that noise, they ended up seeing Ketan working on a van in his garage, “This beauty is our ride for today !” Ketan exclaimed with a big smile on his face.

When we have most amazing cars parked here, Why are we going in this thing,” Mohsin asked with a confused face.

Don’t you really get it ?? To stay away from the media’s eye ! of course” Ketan replied quite sarcastically.

Okay, I forgot that my friends are now celebrities. Fine, But what were you doing ?” Mohsin asked curiously. Ketan thought for a while and replied “nothing. just installed the latest sound system in it !

Sun was about to set down to the west … Everyone who was going for the camping was all aboard in the big white custom made vAppoloinan.

Did anyone call KomaR” all girls started giggling as Priti asked this. “Yeah, Ravi & Komal are in London now, they are busy in buying players for an upcoming season of premier league” Prajwin replied.

Anant put the van on auto-driving mode and joined others in back to have fun. All of them spend the rest of their journey in singing songs, playing antakshari like they used to do in college days… Mohsin & Sanjyoti heated the atmosphere as they danced together while Mayank sang a romantic song for them.

The camps were set, a bonfire was dazzling in the night’s darkness, all were huddled around a campfire, stargazing. Except for Suraj, who went back to the van to bring the ice-box and Kanchan who followed him saying that she had forgotten her glasses in the van.

Actually, they were enjoying some privacy in the van parked away from their camping site. As the camps were at some height, adding a hiking experience to their night out.

After some time, Suraj saw a bright white light appeared suddenly from nowhere, the light kept moving downward and suddenly the thing which was creating that light crashed in the woods nearby. “Is it a UFO” Suraj jumped with the excitement and started walking toward that thing. Kanchan had no option other than following him.

Suraj tried to open that UFO somehow, but nothing happened. And then suddenly a green gas started to come out of that UFO. Kanchan who was halfway there stopped where she was, covering her face with a handkerchief. And then Suraj fell down on the ground.

Surajjjj” Kanchan cried. She somehow got her consciousness back and she called others for the help. When others arrived, the gas was faded out. Also, Anant had found some gas masks from ‘Apocalypse Supply Kit’ in the Ketan’s van. ( yeh! that’s the nerdy factor with these guys )

Watching Suraj lying on the ground made all of them neglect the UFO in the background in first sight.
Rutuja who was a doctor by profession checked Suraj’s pulses and declared in a sad voice “He is in serious danger, We must do something. fast

As she finished Anant asked others to help him to carry Suraj toward the van.
“What to do with this thing ?” Prajwin asked pointing at the UFO. Mayank took his phone out and called Atul.

“Hey, come to the location I have sent you, and pick a package from here, Prajwin will be waiting for you” glancing at prajwin who nodded in the response.
Everyone other than Prajwin and Anant carried Suraj back into the van and started to drive back.

“we should consult him to the best doctors out there,” Kanchan said with tears falling from her eyes.
“The best, huh” Mayank muttered and within a fraction of time he dialled a number on his phone

“Hello Delia, Mayank here. Pack your bags and come here immediately!” before he could finish saying that “Whhhat !?” Delia replied.

“Look it’s an emergency and I think you are our last hope. believe me, this is something that you won’t get to do every day” Mayank said calmly walking toward the back seat, away from the crowd.

“Okay, when you put it in this way. I’m ready”
“Be ready, I’ll send someone to pick you” and hung the phone.
Without taking any time he was again on a phone call.

“Ravi, I know you carry your hypersonic plane everywhere you go, just use that f*#king speed to reach here and there’s one more passenger with you today .. I have sent her photo & address to Komal, please come ASAP”

“Why? What happened? I have a dinner lined up with the Queen herself” Raviraj said angrily.
“Well, it’s a long story. all I can tell you now is that Suraj’s life is at stake” After that, all Mayank heard was
“I’ll be there in no time”.

Meanwhile, in London, Raviraj and Komal landed near Dr Delia’s house. After a formal greeting, three of them were in Raviraj’s hypersonic plane which looked no fancy than any other ordinary ones from the outside.
“Fasten your seat belts,” Ravi requested the ladies on board.
“I hope, Rahul must have cleared the air traffic for us” muttered to himself and started to take off.

Back in India, At Rutuja’s hospital, doctors were trying hard to find what happened to Suraj.

All they had to say after checkup was “He is still alive, but his body is gradually giving up to resist the mysterious gasses in his body” After hearing that, it became more difficult to comfort Kanchan, who’s eyes were already reddish by then.

Suddenly, Mayank’s phone buzzed. “There are two ugh aaa-alien bodies in this” Prajwin said in a shaky voice. Mayank’s eyes sprayed as he heard this.

Published by Mahesh Mali

Author of 'Reflections of My Youth' | Student @ SPPU | Former Fellow @BeingVolunteer | Freelancer @PlayoApp | Tennis Player

10 thoughts on “Awesomengers 2 : The Thrilling Night

  1. OMG! This is such a thriller, Mr Positive. The moment when the UFO crashes, huh, that was so exciting. And they found aliena inside it. Yayyy, I am so excited to read what will happen next. 😻 Also these three new characters that you’ve introduced, let’s see what happens with them in the coming episode. 🤓 This was super amazing, seriously! Eagerly awaiting more. Keep shining Mr Positive. 💙☺☺

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