Story of a lovesick fool

Lately, I found that I could not write about her,
It’s not that there are no feelings to describe,
It’s not even a problem of having second thoughts about those feelings.
The problem is that no matter how much I have delved into my brain or how much effort I put into finding a way to arrange & align all thoughts I want to write about,
A way I haven’t still figured out.

But here I’m staring at the blank page,
Which reminds me of my younger self,
Because like there are no words on that paper,
I used to believe there’s nothing called ‘love’
that exists in today’s world,
Even though I have had multiple flings,
For me, Love was just one of the myths.
I used to believe that love is like a fairy tale,
A mere fantasy,
Something that exists in stories only.

But who had an idea that what fate had in its store,
She came into my life,
And crushed my perspective about love,
As if wave-whimsies destroys the castle of sand on the shore.
Beautiful but far & distant like the star,
yet she managed to captivate my heart;
I felt my heart letting go of the chains that were keeping me from falling in love.
She touched parts of my soul that I did not know existed.
And I discovered poetry,
to express this new-found love in this beautiful form of art,
Thanks to her or should I say thanks to that cupid’s dart?

This is what I say changed me forever,
I saw a beautiful girl who could never be forgotten.
And the imperfections she claimed to have, Simply didn’t matter,
Because she had a soul so pure and a heavenly beauty that could not be matched.
I didn’t even realize when I lost my heart to her. when the cupid’s dart skewed thought my heart.

Now, I want to be someone who can make her laugh and smile,
make her tears disappear if the need arise,
Her dreams are now part of my prayers;
Her wish my command; Her joy my duty.
We are so far away from each other,
but something keeps us close.
Just seeing her name flash makes my day,
Never knew that I could feel this way.
Thinking about her, every single day,
She moves me in a way I’ve never felt before.
Each time we talk, I can’t help wanting more,
Disconnected from her physically yet, in every waking realm it is her, that I see, maybe I’m watching endless scenes of a dream within a dream.
A quantum entanglement of love that enraptures me indefinitely,
Evermore a timeless tease, a trap that brings me to my very knees.
A cruel game engraved in my destiny.

Though Deep down inside I already knew the chances are slim, It’s no secret that I can’t hide my feelings.
But in exchange for my confession,
I got the pain,
the anguish when I realized that she doesn’t feel the same.
And I got lost in the never-ending cycle of re-reading old messages, sitting in silence wondering where it all went wrong, making up scenarios in my head of all the lost possibilities.
Attachment sucks.
It made me look stupid when all I was doing is making an effort to talk to her,
To save our friendship,
I wasn’t in a position to ask for more,
Because now she had a boyfriend,
I thought eventually I will get annoyed at myself for wanting to talk to her.

I kept telling myself that this feeling of love is just a fragile bubble,
too easy to pop with a single pinprick.
So, I started going out with other girls but even that failed to do the trick.
I lied once again to myself, I thought this ‘bubble’,
with the passing time will become thinner,
And it will just vanish into nothingness without any trace of its prior existence.
But even the ever turning wheel of the time wasn’t able to end my feelings for her,

Those perpetual feelings seemed to have eternal persistence.

It was clear that these feelings can’t go away,
So, to deal with this I found another way,
I started telling myself why I’m not worthy of getting her love,
Once known as ‘overconfident and boasting’ type me,
Started becoming familiar with my so many flaws.
All attempts to take her out of my heart were failed badly,
I was sick of choosing between heart or mind, consistently.
And somehow my heart always dominated,
Which kept telling himself that it’s okay,
‘Cause at least, we were still friends.

It was that ineffable friendship that was bringing us close once again,
This time I decided to stay cool, play safe,
I didn’t want to set things back to the time when even our friendship was almost-lost.
So, I set some limits for me, made some laws,
I decided to talk with her only within a certain time period a day,
No video calls not even voice calls.
No matter how much my heart yearn to hear her sweet voice,
These limits soon started feeling like prison walls, suffocating my love-sick heart.

Who was already, cruelly testing her strength,
Was now testing my patience, my love.
This time, she made me confess my love, once again,
But as I had predicted it didn’t matter,
Cause she had already started dating someone new,
Letting my heart to sink into far deep of the blue.
I decided to stick to my already defined limits.
But what was the use? How was I going to hide something that she already knew?

A friend, just a friend, Is that what all I am supposed to be?
close but not close enough,
What we share can only go so far?
Never felt the ‘distance’ so palpably,
When he proposed and she said yes,
Oh lord, my mind became an absolute mess.
My world, a complete mayhem.

I lay numb on the bed for hours, hands shaking, breath ripping at my lungs.
The love I feel turned into blood flowing through my veins,
Pumping from my damaged yet functioning heart.
Heart, which was deeply hurt by her,
but the blame isn’t all for her,
cause I’m the only one who loved her.
Even the wounds she inflicts, I shall treasure for eternity.
Even still, I want to reassure her that she’s my world and I’ll do whatever I have to be in her orbit.

Why I hold on?
I do not know, I probably will never know why.
Should move forward, Yes, But I feel like I would rather just die.
Maybe I’m just another page in her book, torn and cut, she didn’t bother to look.
But my friend, I have this bad habit, I never lie,
So, It was true when I told her that my love is at the stage, from where it will never die.

My heart has filled itself again with maybe-false hope,
That it will all be okay.
It wants to keep trying until my patience runs dry.
It doesn’t want to believe the inevitable
I know it does sounds stupid.
As dumb & crazy as I sound like a lovesick fool.

– Mahesh.

Published by Mahesh Mali

Author of 'Reflections of My Youth' | Student @ SPPU | Former Fellow @BeingVolunteer | Freelancer @PlayoApp | Tennis Player

106 thoughts on “Story of a lovesick fool

  1. Aptly expressed!!
    We try to logic ourselves. Out of sight, out of mind. It was meant to be this way. I was never right for him or her anyways. Time is a healer. And though it’s smart to try to console self and many a times it does work. But at times, when it doesn’t, everything stops making any sense et all.

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  2. Love, it just happens. It doesn’t think of friendship or anything else. It’s a pure feeling anyone can possess. It’s not always necessary that the person will get his love in return but Falling in love, that is pure and true is also very uncommon. Not everyone can feel it.
    Nice writing. Thanks for sharing ☺️👍

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  3. Loved reading your post. An emotional love story. ☺
    I am relatively new to blogging. Love it when I come across blog like that of yours.
    I am just 3 posts old and working on a series as of now. Would be please if you visit my blog.

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    1. Distraction… Well, that’s what I’m trying from last few months but she have become the habit I can’t seem to break. It’s like I could run away but still I’d end up chasing her.
      Btw, thank you for stopping by 🙂


      1. Don’t you think that you r devaluing yourself. Is she really deserve or is she a loyal person. Anyways , leave it . It’s your personal choice and I have no right to give you advice. Thanks for following my blog 😊


      2. Is she really deserve? Yes.
        Is she a loyal person? Absolutely!
        Am I devaluing myself? I really don’t think so. very few people in today’s world get to feel the true love and I’m one of those blessed souls who can love someone even if I don’t get her love in return.

        Thank you for your concerns! And you’re welcome 😇

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  4. All that you’ve written is so beautiful, but really? I hear all your pain and it makes me wonder, that really?? A girl? The cause so much of pain? So does love actually exist? Like I love my mom, dad n everyone but the movies kind of love… But your post makes it sound so real, though I don’t want it to be , hahaha. Very beautifully written. I don’t know about love, but everyone deserves someone who values their worth. And guess what, it’s not a lie, everything does get better, in the end.

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    1. Does love actually exists? Well, I think love exists in everyone who believes in it and love can be unconditional too. In fact I would say every TRUE love is an unconditional one. It’s never “If you’ll love me, I’ll love you”

      And yes, everything does get better and I’m waiting for that better time ✌
      Thank you dear 🙂


  5. This is amazing little brother… You write so well…. I feel sorry… But enough of love…. Be a good boy… Go learn… Typical sisters advice. But I suck in consoling but I do know it’s hard. May b things might turn out good in future. Loved ur write up

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    1. I’m 21. Sorry for the late reply. I was not much active on WordPress. I’m trying. I’m hoping that I will meet someone who can make me feel what I feel about HER. Thank you for stopping by!

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  6. Mahesh, this is a profoundly moving piece, both for its message and the words you use to express yourself. It put in mind my youngest daughter’s anguish when her boy friend ditched her. She was so devastated that even mention of his name made her tremble. She repeatedly asked “Why has God done this to me.” Her unhappiness and longing drove her to go to Medical School, a place where her time was taken up by studies and volunteer outreach. She was invited to his wedding but didn’t go. She didn’t date. At the conclusion of medical school she met a young doctor. They conducted a long distance romance and her heart reopened. They were married within a year and now have three children. My message to you is that once your heart has opened it CAN do so again. This is not to say that that memory of that first love ever disappears it is just that it becomes a little less encompassing when one realizes that love can expand and that one love may not fully eclipse a second nay it may pave the way. Keep an open mind and good luck. I believe that being able to love in this way is a gift and, from your writing, I know that you have it within you for it to reoccur!

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    1. Thank you, Jane.Thank you for stopping by and sharing the story of your daughter. means a lot. I’m not sure how to respond… All I have to say is ‘Thank you”


  7. Wow Mahesh! A heartfelt writing, sab ke dil ko chugaya. Won’t say don’t worry nanba, for i knw that’s not possible at least as of now. But do take care of urself and give your heart some time to heal. Thanks for leading me to your wonderful blog. I am enjoying the tour. Take care Nanba…..

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I know it might be sounding weird 😅 but I think that hit my limit and I decided to choose self-respect over anything else. And obviously, it didn’t happen overnight.

        Thank you so much for stopping by 😊 please check out my latest post… A poetry collection which we wrote in a few hours is now #1 top bestseller book in poetry category! and we have kept it FREE for 5 days, please take a look at it 🧡

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