Reflections of My Youth

My book “Reflections of My Youth” is now available at Amazon and Flipkart.

GRAB YOUR COPY NOW! Please do read and give your honest feedback!!

You can purchase one or more copies here:

Amazon | Flipkart | NotionPress

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30% for you guys

I would greatly appreciate your support in helping to spread the news!

Thank you,


Published by Mahesh Mali

Author of 'Reflections of My Youth' | Student @ SPPU | Former Fellow @BeingVolunteer | Freelancer @PlayoApp | Tennis Player

69 thoughts on “Reflections of My Youth

  1. I must first congratulate you from the deapths of my heart. And i wish i have the courage to put my work in one place and give it a form of book. Its written and in the form of final draft lying in the laptop…but everytime i try to work upon it i just loose my mind and this is going on from last 2 years…each time i buck my self up and then dread to touch it…😢

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    1. Final draft? You mean you have finished writing your story? I would suggest you share it with your friends for beta reading, their inputs and feedbacks will help you with editing.


      1. Yes the final draft! Yes but its non fiction…sort of self help…how to deal with depression,anxiety and panic attacks….infact its about my stratagy of dealing with my inner demons…and its too horrible to go through those ordeals again and again, everytime i pick it up. And yes as you suggested i did show it to my first reader and critic and made the edits…and guess what i sent the synopsis and extract with the best chapter of tue book to an London based publishing house…they asked for my manuscript….but as I told you i am dreading to touch it…its really very hard…


  2. Seeing you with that out is so inspirational and motivative…wish for me that i dont let this goin vain and use it to finish it off. Thanks for being so inspirational.

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