The Captive of True Love

I can’t believe I’m publishing this here. I mean, my lazy self has been quite inactive on WordPress for a while. Anyway, I’m back with a new story! I am going to publish one part a week.

I know this story is a fucking full of clichés. But those are my cliché and I lived them, so I’m gonna share them. (Yeah, some parts of this story are based on my own experiences. But it’s mostly fiction.)

Here you go:

Chapter 1: Intro

At the break of dawn, when the sun rays start to peep through the horizon, I used to frantically make my way through the empty streets with a backpack slung across my shoulders to reach the tuition center, hoping that no street dog will test my running speed once again.

This was my usual morning schedule. I used to arrive at the tuition center at 4.45 am. One and a quarter-hour before my class could begin. Just to make sure that I’ll get to sit near the window which was right next to the window of her room. I used to reach there so early, only to get a glimpse of her as she gets ready for school.

I think it was nothing short of a miracle that this was happening. Because I was someone who used to believe that tuition classes are nothing but a waste of time and money. Why pay someone to teach something that you are going to learn in school also? In addition to this, all of my elder cousins had topped in boards exam without taking any such tuition.

So, It was very unlikely of me to ditch my routine tennis practice in the morning to attend tuition. But as we know teenage is a crazy phase and I was doing this, only because I had heard that Prapti has joined that particular class too.

To be continued…

Wait for the next part to find out who is Prapti and who is the girl in the window and what are their roles in this story.

Published by Mahesh Mali

Author of 'Reflections of My Youth' | Student @ SPPU | Former Fellow @BeingVolunteer | Freelancer @PlayoApp | Tennis Player

33 thoughts on “The Captive of True Love

  1. This is a good beginning with a well set scene, interesting protagonist and introduction of tension to keep the reader’s interest. I look forward to the next posting. If the story is as good as it appears to be heading then one day you may consider polishing your words. I have no quarrel with clichés although generally writing is richer without them.

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    1. Thank you so much! I hope you’ll find the rest of the story also interesting. And I will try to enhance my writing skills, it might take time but I’m willing to be a better writer… Thank you once again 💛


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