Modern Literature

I’m rarest of the rare
More like a solar super flare
Leave it you can’t comprehend
I’m blessed with something godsend
With the talent of making words rhyme,
Capable of teleporting readers every goddamn time,
To places in their memory or their fantasy,
Sometimes they cry, sometimes there’s ecstasy.

You will say
there are others too,
Who got the same old cliche
To offer to you.

Authenticity has gone scanty,
Copy of a copy of a copy is becoming trendy.
As a millennial and as a poet,
Can’t stand people calling posers so lit.

Your falling attention span,
Is depriving you,
From what real connection can,
But even several flings can’t do.

World is conceiving wrong notion of poetry,
And even we’re guilty,
For ignoring them just as different,
Labelling fart as a scent.

All they want is your attention to fuel their number,
Turning a single sentence to poetry by pressing enter.
Whereas we cater verses with subliminal thought in it.
Same words give deeper meaning every time you revisit.

– Mahesh Mali

If you haven’t already read, go check out my poetry collection – “Reflections of My Youth

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Artwork by – Joey Guidone

Copyrighted © 2016-19

Mahesh Mali | Awesomengers

Published by Mahesh Mali

Author of 'Reflections of My Youth' | Student @ SPPU | Former Fellow @BeingVolunteer | Freelancer @PlayoApp | Tennis Player

60 thoughts on “Modern Literature

  1. “Authenticity has gone scanty,
Copy of a copy of a copy is becoming trendy.
As a millennial and as a poet,
Can’t stand people calling posers so lit.”

    Mahesh, these lines are unfortunately true but nevertheless you’ve brilliantly penned it👌

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  2. so true Mahesh
    just one sentence and lakhs of likes.
    No emotions, no thoughts nothing.While people who actually put in efforts creating verses, rhyming weaving thoughts and emotions in words are often ignored.You have penned it all so beautifully

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    1. In today’s world, when you just have to swipe to get new content to consume, most of the people don’t want to spend much time to read and appreciate the poetry, this is the main reason why two-liners are getting more likes.


    1. Yeah, it is hard to detect but it’s true that it is happening. You can simply search any quote and you’ll find tons of people who have made an YourQuote image posing as if it’s their quote. And this is just an example. And, plagiarism was not the only thing that I’m expressing my anger about.

      There is a lot going on, we see people who are calling themselves as writers and poets by writing one-two liners, that too mostly stolen from someone else. There is also a new trend where people are converting a sentence by mindlessly pressing enter and calling it a poem and sadly many people think of it as poetry (the book “Enter” is the outcome of this outrage, I wanted to show how easy it is to write such pieces, and we did it, wrote a whole collection within four hours)

      As a genuine lover of the art, it saddens me when I think about things like this

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      1. Yes I know and I totally agree.
        Every time I post something, I hope that no one snatches it from me.
        You know how hard it is to put in every word into your work; the thought process, the prompts and everything.
        But we are helpless .

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  3. Quite provoking. I just want to ask your point in terms of identifying a copy and quote unquote real ones. Whether you are a writer or you belong in different field. Also, I would have to agree that authenticity in ones persona is hard to come by due to pressure made by society.

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    1. Plato once said, “work of art is a copy of a copy”. There is no denying that we all are at some point in some way influenced by others and many of the time consciously or subconsciously copy someone or something.

      But what I am talking about is plagiarism. I don’t know about you, but I have noticed many people blatantly posting famous quote with their names under it. I have seen people who are posting other people’s write up with their name (without changing a word). And sadly it’s really hard to find out if someone has stolen our work.

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      1. Oh. Interesting point. When Plato said that, all people in one way or another already are influenced by quote unquote others’ principles that makes them followers. I believe that we are all capable of changing what has been established. Consciously or not, we are all doing an advanced and tweaked format of something we used to know. Plato’s preaching is somehow plausible.

        Going back to the piece. Yeah I’ve been noticing people, too who are using others’ intellectual property materials and not giving fair credit to the owner. There should be a discourse about it. Some people are totally unaware about whoever wrote the piece they are using, so we should address it and call them out for that. Then do some corrective measures. On the other side of the pole, there’s no way one cannot know it because we are in the digital era. It’s disappointing and devastating when you feel like something is being stolen from you.

        The poem is a good attempt in addressing plagiarism. I’m just rummaging through random post that is literature related and I saw this. You should totally publish more.

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