Lockdown मध्ये घरी बसून वैतागलोय,
सुखसुविधा आहेत हो,
तरी वेडापिसा होतोय।
पण सावरकर जेल मधून माफी मागतोच कसा
ह्याची मात्र उत्तरं मागतोय।
मी woke मनुष्य माझं राजकीय मत मांडतोय।

स्वतः ला भगत सिंग चा fan सांगत,
लेनिन पुतळा पडण्याचं समर्थन ही करतोय।
मी woke मनुष्य माझं राजकीय मत मांडतोय।

जे जातिवादाविरुद्ध लढले आयुष्यभर,
त्या शाहू/फुले/आंबेडकरांना माझ्या जातीचा नेता म्हणतोय,
नियमितपणे फक्त जातीतल्या नेत्यालाच मत देतोय,
मी woke मनुष्य माझं राजकीय मत मांडतोय।

मार्क्स वगैरे वाचणं तर सोडाच हो,
हे डावं-उजवं नक्की असत तरी काय
हे ही आजतागायत कुठे कळलंय,
पण साहेब म्हणतात तर ‘ते’ चुकीचे च असणार,
हे ठामपणे सांगतोय।
मी woke मनुष्य माझं राजकीय मत मांडतोय।

दुसऱ्याचं काय घेऊन बसला इथं भारताचा इतिहास नीट माहीत नाहीये,
पण whatsapp university मध्ये शिकतोय हळू हळू,
आणि पुढे तेच सगळ्याला सांगत फिरतोय,
मी woke मनुष्य माझं राजकीय मत मांडतोय।

वाटलंच कधी की साहेबांनी चूक केली,
तरी social media वर त्यांच्याच बाजूने भांडतोय,
कारण स्वघोषित प्रवक्ता च की मी,
नात्यांमध्ये नाही जमत, किमान इथे loyalty राखतोय,
मी woke मनुष्य माझं राजकीय मत मांडतोय।

– महेश माळी

English Translation

While calling myself a Bhagat Singh fan,
I support the demolishing of Lenin’s statue,
I’m a woke man sharing my political view.

I’m complaining how shitty this lockdown is,
Though I’ve all the luxuries,
I’m still mad at these inconvenient working conditions,
But I’m raising questions at Savarkar’s mercy petitions.

Legends who fought against casteism,
Shahu, Phule, Ambedkar,
Am I making them biggest iconoclasts victim of asteism,
When I call them as leaders of my caste?
Casting vote to a person of the caste I’m associated to,
I’m a woke man sharing my political view.

Let alone knowing what Marxism is all about,
I haven’t even truly understood what’s left and right.
But since my leader is calling them wrong,
I chorus the same hatred song.

Here’s something I won’t ever tell,
I really don’t know history that well,
But I’m learning through Whatsapp University,
And spreading the same info with all my capacity.

Even at a time when I think my leader was wrong,
I stay with my herd, clapping along.
The self-proclaimed spokesman in me defends him,
Wherever I go, self-proclaimed spokesman in me, toil there,
If not in my relationship, at least I’m loyal here.

– Mahesh Mali

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Copyrighted © 2016-19

Mahesh Mali | Awesomengers

Published by Mahesh Mali

Author of 'Reflections of My Youth' | Student @ SPPU | Former Fellow @BeingVolunteer | Freelancer @PlayoApp | Tennis Player

19 thoughts on “Woke

      1. Ahaaan! So much mehnat for your readers, Mr Positive. I’m impressed. 🤓 This is such a great satire on people who follow the herd mentality without thinking why they’re doing something. And you already know how I don’t know much about these political things and stuff 😬, but I loved the essence of this harsh poem. Aur likhte raho. 🤗

        Liked by 2 people

      2. It was fun writing it in 3 languages! Maybe I’ll keep trying to experiment with Hindi and Marathi once in a while. Btw, I’m glad that you get the essence without fully knowing context to all things I’ve mentioned 😊


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