Take Your Blog To The Next Level

The ideas that I am about to share are the things I was considering to do myself for a long time.

Unfortunately, right now, I have something very important on in my priority list.

‘Monomaniacal, bloody minded, ruthless focus on a solitary goal’ is key to success.

– Dr Roman Saini
Sadly such blatant plagiarism is a terribly common thing nowadays but that’s the topic for some other day.

To keep my focus on the solitary goal I did not even try to put these ideas into reality.

And I don’t think I will be able to give sufficient time for anything. So, I’m sharing those ideas with you.

Read. Think. Modify. Apply!

1. Reader’s Choice Awards

I know there are many “awards” already, and people keep writing award posts. But let’s be honest, those awards are worthless. I think at best they can be called as “tags”.

The idea is starting a readers choice award where a panel of bloggers will choose blogs they find best in the given categories. Then you can keep voting open for a few days.

If you guys don’t know, this is something that we had actually done in 2017

Last time when I tried this, it was a group of bloggers with very limited reach. But now since there are many WhatsApp groups and whatnot, it will be easier to spread the word.

If I were to do this again, I’d have offered certificates to the winners and runner-ups. Also, it’s feasible to hold the awards in every 3/6 months.

Of course, it is not necessary for you to organise such a grant award ceremony, you can also choose to stick to a single category and grind to make your award prestigious in that niche alone.

2. Interviews

Why do you think many so-called awards are so popular and get so many comments? The answer is simple – we all are more than what we have published on our blogs. And all of us want to know more about our fellow bloggers.

Don’t you love reading your blogger friend’s opinions on random questions given in those award posts?

Again, this is something with endless possibilities. You can choose to stick to basic questions like “how and why you started blogging?” or you can discuss the latest news like “what you think about latest post on Awesomengers, are you thinking of doing anything that he had suggested?”😅

You might also consider making it a group discussion. Create a group of friends. Decide topics. Then discuss, debate and publish the conversation.

But this idea can be more effective you if you do it as a podcast or youtube streaming.

It will be great if you become able to choose topics where you can promote your blog posts without sounding like an advertisement.

For example, I can invite some poets and talk about “Instagram/Tumblr poetry” and slide some mentions of my book “Enter”.

To be honest, I was thinking of starting a podcast, because according to many people I have a baritone and wanted to take advantage of that 😅 Though I would have to invest in some equipment.

3. Literary Magazine

A few months ago I was thinking to submit my poems to some poetry magazines, but most of the Indian magazines were just ok-ok.

So, there is this road less travelled with so many opportunities and very less competition.

Even this idea is not something new. In fact, within a few months of blogging, I had decided to start an e-magazine and for that, I had published a post calling people to work on that magazine.

As a result of that, I got in contact with some amazing girls (because only girls showed interest in working)

We become so busy doing collaborations with each other and discussing new ideas that the magazine never come into reality.

SarvochchKaanoon’s Magazine. I’m on the editorial board of this magazine.

This is also something that can help you earn something. SarvochchKaanoon is just a couple of months old. We haven’t published a single issue yet we are being approached for paid advertising.

But let me clear something, it’s not a cakewalk, there are tireless efforts gone into creating a brand, a valuable network.

In fact, all things we are talking about require efforts from your side to become a success.

4. Editing Service

I have been helping some of my writer-poet friends in editing their write-ups mostly poems, and I was thinking to offer my editing service for poets for free in the beginning.

I had even decided to write a post about “How to write better poetry” for those who feel awkward to ask help.

If you think you are good at copy-editing or/and line editing, you should also consider doing this, who knows you might monetize it in future.

Also, there are many people who are great writers but they suck at creating poetry/quote images for social media. So, if you think you’re good at graphics, you might lend helping hand and grow your network.

5. SEO

Learning and applying SEO to your blog might sound like a task rather than an idea, but it’s really something that can take your blog to the new heights.

5. Other random ideas

5.1 Writing Reviews

Many people ask me about making money through a blog and I always tell them that it’s really difficult unless you’re a review blogger.

Review blogs with a good follower base stand a greater chance of getting affiliated advertising. There are many who charge for writing reviews too.

In starting days, even if you don’t get paid, at least you will be getting FREE books!

I have had tried to write reviews, but I suck at writing those and that’s why I never tried again.

But I was thinking to start books and movie reviews once I get time.

Believe me I have hardly watched any movie this year. And still as you can see I have rated 630+ movies on IMDB

5.1 Poetrate

There is Goodreads for books, IMDB for movies… How about a rating platform for writer accounts on Instagram or blogs?

5.3 Poememe

A poetry meme page

Any Lang Lev or Courtney Peoppernell fan here?

If you want to make a name for yourself in this ever-evolving blogging landscape, you have to try new and imaginative things.

This is probably going to my last post on the blog for months to come, so, if you’re still reading this, Thank You! and I’ll miss awesome people like you.

What are other ideas you’d love to share with us? Comment down below.

Published by Mahesh Mali

Author of 'Reflections of My Youth' | Student @ SPPU | Former Fellow @BeingVolunteer | Freelancer @PlayoApp | Tennis Player

68 thoughts on “Take Your Blog To The Next Level

  1. I’ve been tired writing responses for award posts. Your thought is a cool idea, imbibing some competency.

    I guess your guide to write better poetry will be of great help to me. I’ve been reading some tips online. I only write free verses and often fail trying out to frame some poetic structure.

    All the best for your efforts!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I didn’t mean about rhyming or literary devices. Sadly at times, I’m one among those who split a sentence into lines, and call it a free verse. Trying hard to change that!

        Thank you for the link. I’ll definitely check it out.

        Liked by 3 people

      2. That habit is really addictive!

        After writing “Enter” for a few days even I could not control the urge of splitting sentences and make my job easier 😅


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