Real Men

They say real men don’t cry,
Growing up I heard real men don’t ask, they take,
I kept hearing this, but never got any answer when I ask ‘why’.
Boys like me learned to be fake.

Real men don’t blah blah blah,
the list will keep going on,
Raising us right or bringing us down?

Molding us into Kings,
With a throne of multiple personalities.
Who weep before the mirror confessor,
Because how a weak man will handle responsibilities?

Keep pretending to be okay,
Even when not.
You should at best be angry but never sad,
As it is effeminate. (What an irony)

Encourage fellow men to shed those mute tears,
That never drops.
Beyond that tippy tear of an iceberg,
You will find the “real man’.

– Mahesh Mali

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Published by Mahesh Mali

Author of 'Reflections of My Youth' | Student @ SPPU | Former Fellow @BeingVolunteer | Freelancer @PlayoApp | Tennis Player

56 thoughts on “Real Men

  1. Our society is built on preconceived foundations which are moulded by “real men”. I fail spectacularly in their notions, and thank you for writing it down. Emotions aren’t gender specific, it’s about high time that others learn this.

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  2. God didn’t associate particular emotions of code of conduct for different genders, we(society)did!!
    So it’s our responsibility now to break through all these bullshit perimeters set for men and any other community
    Why do we always need to see everything from gender perspective?
    Why can’t we just be humans who have equal emotions and right to express them
    Must needed one!!
    Thank you for taking this up

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    1. Society has developed many social biases and preconceived notions regarding different genders, castes, regions, etc. And those are now so deeply rooted in the majority of people’s brains that anyone who doesn’t fit into that narrative is labeled shameful.

      Thank you for sharing your views!!

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  3. Great post! Crying is very much a human thing to do – not only a female thing. I mean of course it is! Why else would evolution have come with crying if not to help us feel better when dealing with grief! The science shows there are a huge number of benefits to crying including increasing your sense of well being. Wishing you well Mahesh 🙏

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