How To Write Poems Like Bestselling Poets Of Our Time

Hello Awesomengers,

I think most people didn’t understand the intention behind my book “Enter“. It was a parody. We wanted to show how easy it is to write such “poems”.

Somehow people loved “Enter”, which we had written in just four hours, more than my debut book “Reflections of My Youth” for which I had put serious efforts.

But that’s the trend of the era we are living in, people have a very short attention span and they love micro-poems. To be honest, I don’t have any problem with micro-poems.

But take a look at this poems by some of the most popular poets –

I won’t go into the debate of whether these are poems or not, because it’s a very subjective thing.

My personal opinion – Will I call it poetry? Yes. Will I say these are good poems? Not at all.

Why? Because these are simple prose dressed up in poetic garb. No not even poetic garb to be honest. Almost all of these don’t have any metaphor, analogy, simile, pun, imagery, allusion, paradox, rhyme, meter (or at least some sense of the rhythm of the words).

Most importantly all of us can write such ‘poems’ all day long as fast as we can type.

Here’s ten minutes’ work of converting your prose into such ‘poems’ –

How I turned prose by fellow bloggers Into 5 poems within 10 minutes

Bacteria and Plants
They are the master chemists.
They synthesize mind-boggling variety,
of macromolecules based compounds,
Like sugars, proteins, lipids, and enzymes,
Using simple chemicals,
Present in the medium and soil. – Ranjit Singh

This is not just a tale,
of love but wholeness.
The balance and harmony,
Between complementary pairs,
The union of divine,
Feminine and masculine.
The yin and yang. – Sakshi

This year,
with the lockdown,
people won’t meet as usual,
but will still celebrate! – Sharvina

I have read somewhere,
a legendary tale,
on the internet,
explaining how Lord Rama was building a bridge,
To Lanka,
He sought help,
of all the fish in the sea. – Rakhi Jana

He wished,
of the dark blue waves,
To slid him into the lap of the lands.
He yearned,
to send his oodles of feelings right away,
He felt the chill,
of a cool ocean breeze,
drifting towards the shore. – Anisha

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Published by Mahesh Mali

Author of 'Reflections of My Youth' | Student @ SPPU | Former Fellow @BeingVolunteer | Freelancer @PlayoApp | Tennis Player

25 thoughts on “How To Write Poems Like Bestselling Poets Of Our Time

  1. I would like to express my thoughts on this topic. I think what you want to say is that all these things lack depth that should be there in the poetry.
    Let’s say, we take Robert Frost’s ‘The Road less travelled’ .. It is something that everyone can relate to and comes with deep wisdom and understanding of life.
    These micro poems, as you say them, are more based on temporary feelings and more personal as compared to works of great poets ..which put us in deep thoughts and connect to numerous type of people. They are focused more on life rather than just relationships and all.
    This is what I think… and Yes, I sometimes read these micros..but they don’t stay with the traditional poetry.

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    1. Well to remain with us, writing does not necessarily have to be poetry, even great prose can stay with us and have great depth to it.

      What I am trying to say is that these “poems” don’t have much merit, and so easy to create. Even whether we should call them poems is a controversial topic. Yes, such micros might be super relatable, easy to understand, but if anyone calls himself/herself a poet, s/he should strive to improve their craft and give it the depth that you have mentioned.

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    2. This is something I can’t stop thinking about. It’s not a new or creative or even insightful question – but – what is poetry? Sometimes I read things (not just micro poems) that seem… facile… and I really find myself wondering – how much effort did the writer put into these verses? I mean, I guess I could just say that they’re bad poems… but where do we draw the line? Is any string of words a poem if the author claims that it is?


  2. A lot of contemporary “writers” claim that poetry is free, knows no boundaries, to justify what appears to be their own intellectual laziness. We have 4000+ years of worldwide classics proving otherwise. This fast food form is a sign of literary regression due to the mass accessing this discipline through the popularization of the 20th century’s technologies and mediums. In doing so, they get rid of the “mathematical” part, and because these folks represent such a large group, they will try to convince you that poetry is what we want it to be. It is not. If it contains none of the following : versification, rhythm, rimes, aesthetical and linguistical cleverness, pun or double entendre… well, someone is fooling himself.


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