Lockdown Learning & Blogging | Reflections #1 ft. Shivani Gowda

Hello Awesomengers,

It’s been a while since I was thinking of starting interview series. And I’m finally doing it!

Welcome to the first interview from the Reflections series where I will try to bring talented people and help you know more about them and their field.

Our first guest is Shivani Gowda, a fashion designer who runs a popular fashion blog ivablog.in The Iva is all about Fashion, Motivation & K-culture.

Shivani calls herself a “forever learner” which is true. Read this interview to find out how she manage to keep learning new things in her tight schedule and much more!

Your love for learning new things, especially new languages is an open secret, I think everyone knows that Shivani is a polyglot.

I wanted to know if you are learning any new language in this lockdown period?

Well, I carry a shovel of views to dig new things. Language is one of that search which, I think helps me to see the perspective of others. Language is a glass of the emotions of the culture. In a lockdown, I am brushing up on my ongoing learning of the Korean language. It’s fun!

Learning Korean is VERY easy 😅

We know that “Make most of your time” has been your motto, I’m wondering did you kept your schedule tight in the lockdown or you used the extra time to relax a bit doing things that are not so productive but just pleasure?

I enjoyed the first two weeks felicitously then I can’t let myself convince to sitting in silence with my thoughts and doing nothing seemed daunting, even impossible. To cope up with my restless mind I leadrned yoga started doing meditation. I listen to podcasts while doing house chores.

As the digital marketing courses were in the trend I explored a few too which is helping me in my blogging now. I tried to add the flavoring of pleasure every day by doing productive things.

Has lockdown helped the fashion student in you in any way?

Lockdown has helped me as a person to upgrade mentally specifically. I doodled some art in the beginning but, later on, I honestly didn’t find the urge because I am a fashion student with rigorous assignments daily pre lockdown. So, I wanted to experiment out of the box to relax my mind to inhale the different things.

Can you tell our readers about the techniques/strategies you have learned about digital marketing that you’ve used and what has been their impact on site traffic?

To share my thoughts on this I have already posted 7 must have to write a blog post… kindly check that.

Further adding to that 7 points, one can increase the traffic by liking or sharing your views on comments in your competitor’s blog. Also, check this site called buzzsumo it will help you find the best keyword for your topic.

You may like to read: how to increase blog traffic with simple keyword research

If there is one important piece of advice you want to give to a budding fashion blogger, what it would be?

I would suggest just start with that one style you want to recreate, experiment with things you already have this will help your interpretation & boost your creativity. Don’t blindly follow other fashion bloggers, create your own art be confident in what you are serving to your audience. Expecting too much for every move you make will lead to discouragement. Keep going don’t ‘stop.

Create your own art be confident in what you are serving to your audience. Expecting too much for every move you make will lead to discouragement.

You Can Stalk Her Here –

The next interview is going to be a bit crazy, keep watching this space.

Please comment and suggest to me which blogger/s you want me to Interview next.

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