[Book Review] Enter by Mahesh Mali and Anshika Sharma

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Name: Enter: Into Poetry
Author(s): Mahesh Mali and Anshika Sharma
Genre: Micro-Poetry
Published on: 11th June 2020
Page Count: 102 in print.
Formats: Available on Kindle, Paperback. Free on Kindle Unlimited

The book is absolutely free on Amazon from 25th to 29th of December. So, it is a perfect time to check out if you like it or not without spending any penny!

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So well, there is not about the book in this one as it is a book for micro poetry. Yes, I enjoyed this book. It has good words present in it.

If you are not someone who enjoys short works like quotes will enjoy this one. It focuses on daily life emotions and feelings one would feel on regular basis. There were a few lines which I felt like, “oh this is something I have heard or read somewhere before”…

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