नात्याची सुरुवात होत असताना च दुरावा आला,
तिची पेनेलोप आणि माझा अडिसियस झाला,
भविष्याची खात्री नसताना ही तिची निष्ठा ढळत नाही,
इतकं प्रेम माझ्यावर ती कसं करते काही कळत नाही.

वारीस म्हणाला की प्रेम देवानेच बनवलं,
तो देव च होता ज्याने पाहिलं प्रेम केलं,
पण जग आता जातिवादाच वारीस झालय,
नशिबानं तिला हीर मला रांझा करून टाकलंय.

क्लिओपात्रा सारखी माझी राणी,
तस तिला भेटेल कोणीही,
इतिहासात मार्क होईल आमची प्रेमकहाणी,
जळणारे आहेत इतके, पेटेल जगही.

– महेश माळी

“Reading a poem in translation is like kissing a woman through a veil” — Anne Michaels

But since most of my readers don’t understand Marathi, here is rough english translation

Separated while our love was in its incipience,
She became PENELOPE to my ODYSSEUS,
Even in the face of an uncertain future, I’m certain about loyalty on her end,
Why she loves me so much I simply can’t comprehend.

Waris said God created love,
It was God Himself that first loved,
But society has placed casteism higher above,
She became HEER to my RANJHA as our story roved.

My Queen is like CLEOPATRA,
Our story will be MARKed legendary- it will be told and retold like Panchatantra,
She could have anything, anyone she wants,
Many become envious when she choose me and flaunts.

Our love, a story of resilience,
Two hearts that refused to yield in the face of any hindrance,
Amidst life’s challenges, our bond remains a constant, For in her love, I find my solace, my heart, forever content.

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