One Night Stand

I have moved on;
At least that’s what I kept telling myself,
But have my mind ever accepted what I say?
So, I decided to try a dating app,
Thinking, maybe this a great way,
Not just to confirm the closure,
And to reassure myself,
But to tell everyone else that I’m not someone who will remain on the shelf.

It’s a match!
My phone beeped,
This happened for a few times,
My confidence boosted twice,
Maybe thrice,
And there was this one match catching my eye,
She looked exactly like you.
Who knew what was about to happen within a minute texting with her!?
Turned out she was not there for chocolate and flower,
A rare incident I encountered first hand,
A girl asking for a one night stand.

We met that night,
she greeted me with a smile,
but it wasn’t like yours;
travelling to the eyes.

Her pink cherry lips reminded me of you,
We kissed, and kept on kissing,
but when tongues collided, that spark was missing.

Eyes met when we were undressing each other,
She looked into my eyes but felt like she was watching someone else altogether.

I was making new memories with her,
But for the first time, I felt like I was fucking,
Just making more toes curl,
Not making love.

She wanted it rougher,
Maybe she wanted to her pain to heed behind those hickeys,
To reject the past like some myth.

But, I felt instead of forgetting, she was thinking more about him,
The guy she had recently broken up with.

But I can’t complain.
My body now had her
But it was you I was seeing in her face.

Was that hookup helping?
No, for sure,
I eat her but all I thought about was
your taste,
I was recalling the way you used to bite your lips,
those facial expressions, that heavenly sight,
My body was with ‘her’ tonight,
even though it was you,
With whom I spend my night.

– Mahesh.

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Copyrighted © 2016-19

Mahesh Mali |Awesomengers

Published by Mahesh Mali

Author of 'Reflections of My Youth' | Student @ SPPU | Former Fellow @BeingVolunteer | Freelancer @PlayoApp | Tennis Player

46 thoughts on “One Night Stand

  1. Oh my God! Mr Positive is back in action! It’s been so long I’ve read anything from you. This poem felt like coming back to home, haha. 💙

    Loved the way you wrote it like narrating a story. And it’s true na, we can never get over some people, no matter what. Love happens only once maybe!

    Anyways, how’ve you been? Please write more such poems. And novel ke episodes ka kya hua? 😒

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I’m not sure when I will start working on that novel again, but, I will be publishing new poems here whenever I get enough time to write.

      Btw, thank you so much for the constant supporter and appreciation 😇

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Perfect description of hookup culture, it’s not always about just experiments. People are so broken and for healing they try every way possible.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I read your post and yes, unfortunately, dating apps are filled with people who are there just for hookups.

      Btw, what’s the history behind the name ‘VimanaYaana’? Just curious.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey Mahesh, ViMaNa is the abbreviation of the names of girls who are blogging. It is also derived from Sanskrit and represents Flight .. Yaana is journey. As we wanted the blog to represent the journey of real experiences, we thought may be it’s an ideal name for the blog.The site is still under construction phase as we just started couple of days back. This blog is a constructive effort of Vi, Ma and Na. Vi is an external support , Ma and Na are write on her behalf. Hence the name ViMaNa Yaana. Keep reading our blogs and support!

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Ohh… Well, I guess your followers deserve to know that add an about page maybe 😁

        On a serious note, wish you all a happy blogging journey! Looking forward to reading posts from Vi, Ma and Na 🌼 Keep writing 😊

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Delving deep into the mindset of people who have hookups. Incredibly written. I always used to wonder how someone would prefer having hookups over a meaningful relationship. Turns out there’s a deep psychological reason behind such human actions.

    Liked by 1 person

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