Author Interview – Mahesh Mali & Anshika Sharma


I feel so happy and my heart feels a little lighter than it is, to introduce you to two wonderful writers, Mahesh Mali and Anshika Sharma, the authors of ‘Enter: Into Poetry’.

Mahesh and Anshika, Welcome to this interview!

🥁Drum rolls please🥁

Disclaimer: You may genuinely smile reading this.

How would you describe yourself? Tell us something about yourself not everyone knows?

Anshika: I’m Anshika, a commerce graduate student and I’m from India. I don’t call myself a writer or poet, I’ve tried saying it but I always feel that I haven’t done my best or written enough.

Something about myself. I don’t think there’s anything interesting about me. There’s nothing that people don’t know about me and at the same time, there’s nothing that they know about me.

Mahesh: I’m Mahesh from Pune, India. I’m an engineering graduate, blogger, writer, poet, tennis player (who loves football more)…

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