Hey, I am Mahesh M. Mali , Engineering student , Aspiring Author , Booklover , Potterhead , Lawn Tennis Player , living in Pune , India.
who is famous for giving pep talks

Wanna know more ? read this 👇

I Hate Studies,

But Luv Technology.

I Flirt With Flirters,

But I Respect Lovers.

World Can’t Change Me,

But I Can Change Da World.

I Don’t Have Books In Hand,

But I Have Revolutionary Ideas In Mind.

Don’t dare to challenge me …

To change my self is as Difficult as To let d Earth and Sky meet each other ..

I’m born to make my own rules. So if u wanna love me then love me in d way I am …

who I am ?????????

I’m The Rarest One on the Earth..

I’m someone Better than the BEST…

38 thoughts on “About

  1. HI Mahesh, just wanted to say you have an amazing URL and blog title! Plus your truly a sensational writer after having read just few of your posts, looking forward to reading more. Cheers! 🙂 – Cezane

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